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Being charged with a crime is no laughing matter. If you are arrested for or have already been charged with sexual battery, you need the services of an Alachua County sexual battery attorney. Facing sexual battery charges on your own can not only cost you money, but your freedom. You need expert legal advice if you plan on defending against sexual battery charges.

What Are The Elements Of Sexual Battery?

Sexual battery charges can stem from a number of different elements which can depend on age, consent, and the actual person involved with the assault. Only a qualified defense lawyer for sexual assault in Alachua County can provide you with the specific details of your charges; however, some of the elements include sexual conduct with another person without their consent or engaging in sexual conduct with someone under the age of 18 regardless of their consent.

The penalty for sexual batter in Alachua County can vary depending on different factors involved. There are many factors that could affect the penalty and only a qualified Alachua County sexual battery attorney can advise you of your rights. Keep in mind that some of the factors stated in Florida law include the age of the victim, whether a weapon was used in the commission of the battery, using threats against the victim, using drugs on the victim, the mental capacity of the victim, and leaving the victim with no opportunity to escape.

Facing Sexual Battery Charges Without An Attorney

While it is often common for someone charged with a crime to want to defend themselves, the penalty for sexual battery in Alachua County can be quite harsh which is why you should never go it alone. Sexual battery convictions normally include both jail time and sex offender registration. Unless you have expert advice from a qualified attorney, stepping into a court room to represent yourself on sexual battery charges is not advisable.

When you are considering if you should hire a defense lawyer for sexual assault in Alachua County, ask yourself if you can afford to pay thousands of dollars in fines and give up years of your free time to spend behind bars. The fact is that you will likely face both of these penalties if you are convicted of sexual battery. If you have previously been convicted of sexual battery, been released from prison within the last five years from a similar crime, then penalties can be much worse. In fact, if you have been previously convicted of sexual battery, you could face up to life in prison based on strict sentencing laws.

Some people who defend themselves agree to plea deals involving reduced sentences. However, they fail to take into consideration that while they may be happy with the sentencing, they could face having to register as a sex offender. This is something that will follow you for life, regardless of how lenient or tough of a sentence you receive for the actual crime.

You can always take a chance with a public defender and you can most certainly defend yourself. However, you really should consult with an experienced attorney before making a decision to proceed in any fashion. Going with an experienced attorney such as Stephen G. Cobb is the best way to ensure that you receive expert legal advice about the charges you are facing. With over 20 years of experience and handling more than 10,000 cases, you are in good hands. Contact Attorney Cobb today to receive a consultation about your charges.

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