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Many people who need our services live somewhere other than Florida. Our firm routinely handles cases where the person being defended resides in another city, state or country.

In fact, many criminal cases can even be handled without the person being defended even having to appear in court. Even where a court appearance is required, we will do everything we can to keep the number of criminal court appearances to a minimum in order to reduce the amount of disruption into your normal routine.

When returning to the area for criminal court appearances, we recommend the following accommodations:

  • Okaloosa County Cases
    The Breakers Condominiums – located on Okaloosa Island (just down Highway 98 from Destin) is a beachfront condominium complex. This complex is cost effective during the winter months, pricey during spring and summer.
  • Fairfield Inn – This hotel is right next to the courthouse at the Shalimar Annex. All cases in Okaloosa County that originate south of the Shoal River Bridge on Highway 85 (Fort Walton Beach, Niceville, Valparaiso, Destin, Mary Esther, etc.) are heard at the Shalimar Courthouse Annex. All cases originating in Crestview, Holt, Milligan, Baker, etc., are heard at the Crestview Courthouse.
  • Leon County Cases
    Holiday Inn Select – Downtown Tallahassee – a central location. Tallahassee is very traffic intense.
  • Lake County Cases
    Best Western Hotel – Tavares, Florida – while litigating a very intense felony case in Lake County, this is where I stayed several times over the course of a dozen months or so. Highly recommended, criminal court is held less that 7 minutes drive time away.
  • Duval County Cases
    Hampton Inn – Jacksonville, Florida
  • Palm Beach County Cases
    Radisson – Palm Beach Airport, West Palm Beach, Florida

You can easily find cheaper hotels in many Florida cities, but this list is designed to suggest the ones that are going to be the easiest for you to navigate from. Most are close to the courthouse. Budget extra time for travel to court in Orange (Orlando), Bay (Panama City), Hillsborough/Pinellas (Tampa area), Dade/Broward (Miami, etc.) and Leon (Tallahassee) counties. You do not want to be late for criminal court proceedings. The odds are that you will actually arrive early, and sit around for at least an hour – but you don’t want to be late on that one time when your case is the first one called by the judge.

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