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Bay County is not the place where you want to be arrested or faced with criminal prosecution, especially if it is for sexual battery. If you have been arrested, then you need to contact a Bay County sexual battery attorney immediately to determine what your rights are. The penalty for sexual battery in Bay County can range from thousands of dollars in fines up to life in prison. As such, it is important to seek expert advice as opposed to trying to defend yourself without legal representation.

Understanding Your Charge:

Being arrested and/or charged with sexual battery means that you have been involved in one of two activities. You have either engaged in sexual conduct without the person’s permission, or you have engaged in sexual conduct with someone under the age of 18, regardless of their consent. There are additional elements that you need to be aware of regarding sexual battery and a defense lawyer for sexual assault in Bay County can fully explain your charges against you, including the potential penalty that you are facing.

Factors that determine your specific charge and potential penalty can vary. They include but are not limited to the following:

  • The mental capacity of the victim
  • Whether a weapon was involved
  • The relationship between you and the victim
  • Prior criminal record, including previous convictions for sexual battery
  • Threats or use of force against the victim
  • If the suspect is a law enforcement officer
  • The use of drugs on the victim

Your Chances When Representing Yourself:

Those who are arrested or charged with a crime have the opportunity to represent themselves. If you are wondering if representing yourself instead of hiring a defense lawyer for sexual assault in Bay County, then you need to consider the following:

  • The penalty for sexual battery in Bay County can include thousands of dollars in fines and up to life imprison.
  • A plea or conviction could mandate that you register as a sex offender.
  • The cost of a qualified attorney versus the potential fines and confinement that you could face if convicted.

There is also an aggravated penalty that you need to keep in mind. Florida sentencing guidelines allow for sentencing of up to life imprison if you have a prior conviction for sexual battery or you have been released from prison within the last five years for a similar crime. Defending yourself against charges of sexual battery is not a simple charge that defending yourself against is recommended.

To obtain legal advice about sexual battery or any other crime, contacting a Bay County sexual battery attorney is a simple click or phone call away. Attorney Stephen G. Cobb has practiced criminal defense, including defense against charges of sexual battery, for more than 20 years. He has lived and practiced Florida his entire career and knows how to fight for your rights if you are arrested for sexual battery. Contact the Cobb Law Firm today to find out more about the charges you are facing and what they can do to assist in your defense.

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