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3 Major Problems Consumers Have When Selecting Florida Criminal Defense Lawyers

And the One Question consumers must ask to get the best. If you or someone you love is arrested, hiring a defense lawyer is inevitable, even if you are hiring the Public Defender. Most people do not want to use the Public Defender for fairly obvious reasons: lack of adequate taxpayer funding = virtually no time to work on cases + a case load that exceeds the Florida Supreme Court’s order regarding a criminal defense attorney’s yearly maximum by April each year. The case load is so high, almost no one qualifies to pay for a court appointed lawyer if… Read More

What To Do After the Police Are Called for an Okaloosa County Domestic Violence Case

The argument or spat you and your significant other got out of hand. Or, you and your relative that lives with you got into a heated argument. The other person called the police and now the police are at your door, demanding to come inside to speak with you and the other person. You may have seen or heard how these situations can end: with you being cuffed and led away to a squad car to be taken to jail. You are probably scared: what will happen to your job, your family, or your standing in the community? The other… Read More

What To Do at a Fort Walton Beach DUI Checkpoint

They seem to appear at regular intervals throughout the year much like spring flowers and autumn leaves. “They,” of course, refers to “DUI” or “sobriety” checkpoints. Fort Walton Beach law enforcement agencies as well as other law enforcement agencies regularly operate “DUI checkpoints” at certain times of the year, including around holidays. Even if you have not touched a drop of alcohol all night, having to go through a DUI checkpoint in order to get home can be a stressful experience. If you have had alcohol, you may be in a state of panic upon seeing signs warning you of… Read More

What Is DUI Manslaughter In Florida?

A DUI charge in Okaloosa County can be unsettling. The prospect of hefty fines and administrative costs – not to mention jail sentences and/or community service requirements – makes even a first-time DUI offense a serious matter. But the penalties for even a third or fourth conviction for DUI in Florida pale in comparison to the consequences that await drunk or impaired drivers who kill someone in a DUI crash. A conviction for DUI manslaughter carries with it mandatory prison sentences that can range from a minimum of four years and are imposed in addition to heavy fines and a… Read More

Things You Might Not Know About Florida Domestic Violence Cases

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, a month devoted to raising awareness about the existence and pervasiveness of domestic abuse and domestic violence in Okaloosa County and throughout the country. Domestic violence, as well its signs and the methods by which it is or should be punished, are often misunderstood. These misconceptions and misunderstandings are especially prevalent amongst those who find themselves charged with a domestic violence offense in Florida for the first time. In light of the above, some of the most common misconceptions about Fort Walton Beach, Florida domestic violence cases include: Myth: I can be charged in… Read More

Okaloosa County DUI Charges are Possible, Even for Drivers of Golf Carts

A Lady Lake, Florida man was recently arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol. When you think of a DUI investigation in Fort Walton Beach or in Destin, you probably envision police pulling over someone who is driving a car erratically or a person who is endangering the public by driving a large commercial truck or bus while intoxicated. Golf carts, bicycles, and all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) do not fit the popular image of a DUI. Nevertheless, the Lady Lake police officers in this case arrested the man based on their suspicion that he was driving a… Read More

Top 5 Ways You Can Injure Your Legal Rights in an Okaloosa County Domestic Violence Case

When you have been charged with committing a domestic violence offense in Fort Walton Beach or Destin, you can expose yourself to serious legal problems and harm your case’s chances of success if you make poor decisions along the way. Not only can some of these decisions increase your likelihood of a conviction, but some of them can lead to other charges as well. An experienced Fort Walton Beach criminal defense lawyer’s advice is invaluable when you are charged with a domestic violence offense, as he or she can often either prevent you from committing any of the below-mentioned mistakes… Read More

Can My Spouse Get My Domestic Violence Case Dismissed?

You were arrested a few days ago after you and your spouse had a disagreement and the police were called. Now you are charged with domestic battery or another domestic-violence related offense in Okaloosa County. You may already have experienced some of the ramifications of being charged with a domestic violence offense. Specifically, you may have already: Spent time in jail until you were either released on your own recognizance or posted a bond; Missed time from work because you were in custody; Needed to find a new place to reside temporarily due to a no-contact order with your spouse;… Read More

The Five Best Tips to Represent Yourself in Criminal Court

Why Would You Represent Yourself? You’ve already heard some version of this: A person who acts as their own lawyer, has a fool for a client. Yet day after day, people accused of misdemeanors and felonies will go into court without a lawyer for one or more reasons: They want to avoid legal fees They do not think that the consequences will be that bad The Internet has convinced them they can handle their criminal case They do not believe a lawyer can help them The Public Defender is too overwhelmed with cases to help them They have a job… Read More

Destin Criminal Defense Lawyer Explains How a Police Officer Determines Whether You Are Intoxicated

Being arrested and charged with a DUI is a serious matter, and in Florida, is prosecuted heavily.  And, with a conviction, you not only face potential jail time, but also a permanent criminal record as well as other life altering consequences.  Accordingly, in the State of Florida, it is against the law to drive: Under the influence of alcohol or drugs if either impairs your “normal faculties” or With a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.08 or higher. Most of the time, when an Okaloosa County police officer stops your vehicle, he or she has no idea what you had… Read More