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Facing criminal charges of any variety in Brevard County is a difficult proposition. If the criminal charges in question are related in any way to sexual battery, then you need to know what’s at stake. A Brevard County sexual battery attorney can clue you into the intricacies of the criminal charge and ensure that you have plan in place for combating these charges.

Defining The Concept Of Sexual Battery

Sexual battery has several different definitions depending on the state or locality that you’re in. It can often be referred to as sexual assault or rape, and generally applies to any sexual conduct with a person did not consent. In Florida, it can also refer to any and all sexual conduct with a person 17 years of age or younger. There is a penalty for sexual battery in Brevard County that can cost you some years of your life. Prison time and sex offender registration are both common penalties for those convicted of sexual battery.

Of course, these sentences can be increased or decreased based on a number of variables, and this highlights the need for a qualified defense lawyer for sexual assault in Brevard County. Some of the variables that come into play are the victim’s age, their relationship to the suspect, whether the victim was handicapped, the suspect’s criminal history, and whether or not a weapon was used during the offense. Factors that contribute to harsher penalties include disallowing any resistance from the victim, using drugs to incapacitate the victim, threatening the victim, or being a member of law enforcement.

The Understated Value Of A Sexual Battery Lawyer

One of the biggest reasons that you want a Brevard County sexual battery attorney is that representing yourself and relying on a public defender are your only other options in most cases. Unless you have a wealth of legal knowledge, you probably won’t be qualified to offer yourself any quality representation. Public defenders are likewise have a very difficult job—one that doesn’t pay them enough and overburdens them with a number of different criminal cases.

So, your best bet is almost always going to be an independent defense lawyer for sexual assault in Brevard County. The implications of a conviction alone should spur you to find a qualified alternative to self-representation or a public defender. As mentioned above, the penalty for sexual battery in Brevard County can be quite harsh. Prison time can extend for several years, and, in some cases, it can even cost you the rest of your life. Indeed, if you’ve been released for prison and, within five years, are convicted of another sexual battery crime, then you could face life imprisonment.

While sex offender registration might not put you behind bars, it can figuratively keep you trapped for the rest of your life. Sex offenders have to notify their neighbors of their designation as a sex offender. This is also something that could feasibly affect your job prospects for the long-term.

Stephen Cobb is criminal defense attorney in the state of Florida who has been working with clients since 1990. He understands all the implications of a trial involving sexual battery and will be willing to help you see it through to the most favorable end. With 10,000 cases under his belt, Cobb can provide you with the legal representation you’re looking for. Contact the Cobb Law Firm today for more information or even just a consultation.

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