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If you are facing criminal charges for sexual battery at the Calhoun County Courthouse, then you’ll certainly want to have a qualified legal representative at your side. Undergoing criminal prosecution is a difficult process, but it’s one that can be made slightly easier with the presence of a Calhoun County sexual battery attorney. No one should have to face any criminal charges alone, especially when they have such far-reaching implications.

Understanding the Basic Idea of Sexual Battery

Every state or locality has its own slightly tweaked definition of sexual battery. In Florida, it can mean one of two things. The basic definition is any sexual conduct with another person who is non-consenting. Sexual battery can also apply to any sexual conduct whatsoever with a person under the age of 18. It’s also not uncommon for sexual battery to be referred to as sexual assault or rape.

The penalty for sexual battery in Calhoun County might be difficult to swallow for a lot of people. Prison time is a given if you are convicted of a major crime like this, but sexual battery also comes with an attendant penalty in the form of sex offender registration. Jail sentences can be lengthened and the type of registration can be made more severe depending on certain variables surrounding the case. Certain things that have a major effect on sentencing include:

All of these underscore the necessity of a defense lawyer for sexual assault in Calhoun County. Other variables that automatically make the penalty more severe are threatening the victim, drugging the victim, not allowing the victim to resist, or being a member of law enforcement.

Why You Should Opt for a Sexual Battery Lawyer

You may think that representing yourself has a lot of advantages. It might be cheaper and you might have the best understanding of what went on during the offense in question, but understanding court procedures and proper legal defense is difficult to say the least. A public defender is also not the same as a Calhoun County sexual battery attorney. Even in small areas like Calhoun County, the public defender assigned to your case can be overburdened with a number of different cases. You won’t be able to receive the best legal representation which may cause you to face the most severe penalty for sexual battery in Calhoun County.

In some instances, life in prison is not entirely out of the question. For instance, if you have been reconvicted for sexual battery within five years of being released from prison, then you could face up to 5 more years or even life in prison. In addition, virtually anyone who has been convicted for, pled guilty to, or accepted a plea agreement for sexual battery may be subject to sex offender registration. This is a designation that will latch onto you for the remainder of your life and it’s something that can affect every aspect of your life.

So, it’s highly important to opt for the services of a defense lawyer for sexual assault in Calhoun County. Stephen G. Cobb of the Cobb Criminal Defense Law Firm can provide you with ample experience and qualified representation. He has been working in the criminal defense field for over 2 decades and, in that time, he has seen thousands of different criminal cases. If you’re facing prosecution for sexual battery, it is in your best interest to contact the Cobb Law Firm immediately.

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