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Payment Plans in Criminal Defense Cases vs Limited Representation

DUI: the pretrial fee is lowered and in return, there will be no in-person court or motions to suppress blood, breath, or urine tests to be filed unless there is additional payment. Limited consultations may also be part of the formula. Domestic Violence: the client wants a bond motion filed to get the defendant out of jail and to change the “no contact” provision to “no violent contact” but no further representation because “he/she won’t show” but resides in the local area. This case is not suited for limited representation, but why? (This is one of the most common phone… Read More

Burglary Of a Structure, Conveyance, Vehicle, Or Dwelling

Under Florida burglary law, burglary charges are felonies that vary in degree based on the facts and circumstances of your case. If you are charged with entering a home, building or vehicle owned by another with the intent to commit a crime, you can be charged with burglary. Burglary is not the same as the charge of “breaking and entering” and does not require the intent or taking of anything. I’ve had burglary cases where someone was charged with burglary to a dwelling, a point based mandatory prison sentence offense, where the crime inside was a battery, criminal mischief, an… Read More

Can It Really Be Illegal To Possess A Crowbar, Hacksaw, Because They Are “Burglary Tools”?

While Florida Burglary law1 punishes those who commit felony burglary offenses and trespass offenses with jail time and fines, Florida also criminalizes the possession of any tools used to commit a burglary or trespass. Under the law, if you possess any implement, tool, or machine with the intent to use the same to commit a burglary or trespass, or even allow the implement, tool, or machine to be used to commit a burglary or trespass, you can be found guilty of a third degree felony. Notice again the issue of intent, in the context of a charge for possession of… Read More

3 Major Problems Consumers Have When Selecting FL Criminal Defense Lawyers

And the One Question consumers must ask to get the best. If you or someone you love is arrested, hiring a defense lawyer is inevitable, even if you are hiring the Public Defender. Most people do not want to use the Public Defender for fairly obvious reasons: lack of adequate taxpayer funding = virtually no time to work on cases + a case load that exceeds the Florida Supreme Court’s order regarding a criminal defense attorney’s yearly maximum by April each year. The case load is so high, almost no one qualifies to pay for a court appointed lawyer if… Read More

Can My Spouse Get My Domestic Violence Case Dismissed?

You were arrested a few days ago after you and your spouse had a disagreement and the police were called. Now you are charged with domestic battery or another domestic-violence related offense in Okaloosa County. You may already have experienced some of the ramifications of being charged with a domestic violence offense. Specifically, you may have already: Spent time in jail until you were either released on your own recognizance or posted a bond; Missed time from work because you were in custody; Needed to find a new place to reside temporarily due to a no-contact order with your spouse;… Read More

The Five Best Tips to Represent Yourself in Criminal Court

Why Would You Represent Yourself? You’ve already heard some version of this: A person who acts as their own lawyer, has a fool for a client. Yet day after day, people accused of misdemeanors and felonies will go into court without a lawyer for one or more reasons: They want to avoid legal fees They do not think that the consequences will be that bad The Internet has convinced them they can handle their criminal case They do not believe a lawyer can help them The Public Defender is too overwhelmed with cases to help them They have a job… Read More