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Payment Plans in Criminal Defense Cases vs Limited Representation

DUI: the pretrial fee is lowered and in return, there will be no in-person court or motions to suppress blood, breath, or urine tests to be filed unless there is additional payment. Limited consultations may also be part of the formula. Domestic Violence: the client wants a bond motion filed to get the defendant out of jail and to change the “no contact” provision to “no violent contact” but no further representation because “he/she won’t show” but resides in the local area. This case is not suited for limited representation, but why? (This is one of the most common phone… Read More

How a Domestic Violence Conviction Can Negatively Affect Your Military Career

Domestic violence is a common occurrence among military spouses and people who share a household. The Department of Defense reports that in 2013, there were more than 7,600 domestic abuse complaints. Two-thirds of the purported victims were women, while the remaining third were men. Florida defines domestic violence as any assault, battery, sexual assault, kidnapping, stalking, or other criminal offense that results in the death or physical injury of a family member or household member by another family member or household member. While Florida law provides its own penalties for a conviction of a domestic violence offense, including possible jail… Read More

Fort Walton Beach Domestic Violence Altercations Affect the Local Community

Domestic disputes are highly personal incidents that generally involve an argument, a disagreement, or tension between two individuals who are related by blood or marriage, have had intimate relations, or live together. They usually involve a long history of private altercations. However, on occasion, a domestic dispute leaves the sanctity of the home and affects the community. The dispute bleeds out into the community, causing a dangerous ripple effect. Fort Walton Beach Deputy Shot While Serving DV Injunction Back in September, a Fort Walton Beach man allegedly choked and pushed his wife while their infant son was in her arms.… Read More

Common Defenses For Fort Walton Beach Assault Arrests

Whether you were arrested for domestic violence or regular assault in Fort Walton Beach, it is crucial to your defense to craft a theory of the case that will explain to the jury what happened, why it happened, and why you should not be held responsible. There are a multitude of different types of defenses available to individuals accused of assault. However, the defense theories available for your particular case will vary based on the individual facts and circumstances. Below are some defenses commonly presented in assault trials in Fort Walton Beach. Mistaken Identity  Sometimes, the Fort Walton Beach police… Read More

What To Do After the Police Are Called for an Okaloosa County Domestic Violence Case

The argument or spat you and your significant other got out of hand. Or, you and your relative that lives with you got into a heated argument. The other person called the police and now the police are at your door, demanding to come inside to speak with you and the other person. You may have seen or heard how these situations can end: with you being cuffed and led away to a squad car to be taken to jail. You are probably scared: what will happen to your job, your family, or your standing in the community? The other… Read More

Things You Might Not Know About Florida Domestic Violence Cases

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, a month devoted to raising awareness about the existence and pervasiveness of domestic abuse and domestic violence in Okaloosa County and throughout the country. Domestic violence, as well its signs and the methods by which it is or should be punished, are often misunderstood. These misconceptions and misunderstandings are especially prevalent amongst those who find themselves charged with a domestic violence offense in Florida for the first time. In light of the above, some of the most common misconceptions about Fort Walton Beach, Florida domestic violence cases include: Myth: I can be charged in… Read More

Top 5 Ways You Can Injure Your Legal Rights in an Okaloosa County Domestic Violence Case

When you have been charged with committing a domestic violence offense in Fort Walton Beach or Destin, you can expose yourself to serious legal problems and harm your case’s chances of success if you make poor decisions along the way. Not only can some of these decisions increase your likelihood of a conviction, but some of them can lead to other charges as well. An experienced Fort Walton Beach criminal defense lawyer’s advice is invaluable when you are charged with a domestic violence offense, as he or she can often either prevent you from committing any of the below-mentioned mistakes… Read More