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Your Clients Need Digital Erasure Now More Than Ever

You did a great job and your client’s case was dismissed. You promptly followed through with a record expunction. However, there is one collateral consequence where you are probably failing your client: Digital Erasure. “ has announced that they have created a new privacy solution that enables people to remove personal information from the internet. They are there to help people restore their privacy by removing personal information, including criminal records, from 30+ services where people can complete background checks.”1 Think about this for a moment: is your law firm equipped to erase social media leakage, booking photographs, and other… Read More

Attorney Cobb Got Featured In NWF Daily News

Attorney Stephen Cobb got coverage in the local newspaper, which covered the book that has an entire chapter dedicated to the Cobb Law Firm and its use of SPECT brain imaging in criminal cases. You can read more on it by going to the link below. News Source:

Military Clients Sent For Brain Imaging Has Shown Brain Abnormalities

Every single military client sent for brain imaging as part of their defense strategy since 2005 has shown brain abnormalities. As a specialist in criminal law, I trained to fight cases the traditional way. Aggressive pleadings. Attacks on the evidence to make it inadmissible. Advanced motion practice beyond what uncertified lawyers can offer. Actual trial experience instead of just “handling” cases. Long, painful jury trials that make the prosecutor think twice before offering a harsh, over-punishing sentence. This was how I made my name. This is how I became the only criminal law specialist in Okaloosa County: fighting cases like… Read More

Attorney Stephen Cobb’s Views On Clemency Granted To Chelsea Manning

Executive clemency is rarely granted on the state or federal level. The Chelsea Manning case has received widespread media attention, but clemency is available on the state level for non-federal, state crimes. In Florida, there are eight (8) types of clemency ranging from a full pardon to a restoration of alien status. There is also a separate type of clemency known as “conditional clemency”. Clemency is strictly a function of the Executive branch of state government, and authorized by the Florida constitution pursuant to Article IV, Section 8(a). Except in treason cases and impeachment, the Governor may: “suspend collection of… Read More

Personal Injury From Car Accident Involving A Drunk Driver

This article shares some great advice from car accident lawyers at Cantor Crane regarding injuries caused by drunk drivers. DUI laws around the country have made it easier for victims of a drunk driving accidents to seek compensation they deserve. Nonetheless, there are still exceptions to who is responsible for a financial claim in such cases. Some laws hold the person who gave alcohol to an impaired driver liable for any damages that occur. Dram Shop Laws Dram shop laws allow liability in cases where a drunk driver received alcohol from another person. This law is named after “dram shop”… Read More

Brain Injuries Associated With Car Accidents

This article shares some great advice from Phoenix personal injury lawyer, Aaron Crane from Cantor Crane with respect to brain injuries caused by car accidents.  One of the leading causes of brain injuries are car accidents. The violent jerking that occurs upon impact, or blows to the head during the event, can lead to a brain injury. Sadly, many people do not realize at first that they have succumbed to a brain injury and the injury goes untreated. What is even more devastating is that many emergency rooms often overlook the potential for brain injuries when they are examining a… Read More

Why Can’t I See My Own Doctor If I Am Injured On The Job?

If you got injured on the job, you may be entitled to receive workers compensation through the workers compensation program issued by the state. To start the process, simply speak to a workers compensation attorney and learn about your rights and what can be done in your case, as well if you are eligible to file for work comp or not. But, every attorney will tell you that the most important thing you should do after sustaining the injury is visiting the doctor’s office. Pre-Designate A Doctor Getting well should be your number one priority. However, the situation can get… Read More

How To Be A Safe-Driving Role Model To Your Teen

Teens are reckless drivers and the statistics agree with this. Data from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety shows that the likelihood for teens aged 16 to 19 to be involved in a fatal motor vehicle collision is three times more compared to drivers aged 20 and above. Parents behaving badly One of the main reasons behind the high accident rates amongst teens is their reckless behavior behind the wheel. Teens take risks and many drive aggressively. While many would like to attribute this to teens behaving badly, the Automobile Association of America (AAA) reports that parents play a major… Read More