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New Innovations In Drunk Driving Prevention Can Help Fort Walton Beach Residents

Recent studies and inventions have shown that drunk driving and DUI arrests can be reduced by encouraging drivers to implement certain steps or attitudes. Uber Mothers Against Drunk Driving, a non-profit advocacy group formed by mothers whose children were killed in alcohol-fueled crashes, has partnered with Uber, the ridesharing phone application, in combating the prevalence of drunk drivers on the road. The two organizations conducted a survey and study and found that the introduction of Uber into a market decreased alcohol-related accidents by 6.5%. This has also led to a 10% decrease in DUIs in some states. Since the advent… Read More

What Happens When An Okaloosa County Domestic Violence Victim Does Not Appear?

Every day in traffic courtrooms across the country, a significant number of motorists choose to miss work and other obligations to appear in court and contest a traffic citation they received. These motorists are usually not savvy attorneys – in fact, many of them are not even represented by an attorney. Instead, they appear hoping that the officer that wrote them their ticket will not appear and their ticket will be dismissed. Without the crucial evidence of the officer’s testimony available to the prosecutor, he or she is unable to prove the motorist’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt and thus… Read More