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Commonly Asked Questions about Drug Cases in Florida

What Are The Most Common Types Of Drug Cases Seen In Florida? There are two types of drug cases seen that are very common at the moment in Florida. This changes from time to time, but number one would be a rise in the number of prescription drug charges by people who are approaching their senior years, people forty-five years and up. A lot of it has to do with having pain that is not properly treated as well as lack of access to healthcare in many cases. So, a rise in prescription drug charges is being seen in the… Read More

Unique Attributes Of Cobb Law Firm In Handling MIP Cases

Disclaimer: This article is in response to questions frequently asked of Mr. Cobb and is an unedited dictation transcript. Just like talk to text on your smartphone, there may be misspelled words or sentence fragments. The number one thing that sets this firm apart in handling these cases is real simple; board certified specialist. A person can have a variety of ratings from different lawyer rating services that will charge you to give you these accolades, but those “lawyer ratings” are nothing but marketing spam. The Florida Bar regulates over 100,000 lawyers and has a certification program for specializing in… Read More

Are There Any Diversion Programs Specific To MIP Charges In Florida?

Diversion programs are favorable to the government and unfavorable my client. The good news is that upon completion of a diversion program, the charges will be dismissed. The bad news is, when compared to a negotiated dismissal, the negotiated dismissal may be is simple as two minor conditions that take 15 minutes to complete. A diversion program can last six months to a year involving multiple classes and meetings on an inconvenient schedule. Diversion programs generally are extremely burdensome by design, come with a ridiculous amount of requirements which interfere with school and/or work for many months, and are an… Read More

What Is The Process After Someone Has Been Arrested On MIP Charges?

A traditional arrest for a minor in possession charge is where someone is placed into handcuffs, taken to a sub-station and then taken to the county jail. That’s what most people are familiar with. A person is usually given a bond and then a court date where they have to return back to Florida for court. A lawyer who knows what they are doing can excuse their client from most, if not all, court appearances. About 99 % of my cases are handled without court appearances at all and yet we are able to have charges dismissed. The second way… Read More

What Is A Minor In Possession Of Alcohol Charge In Florida?

In the 1980s when Ronald Reagan was the president, we had a conservative revolution to raise the drinking age. Each state, including Florida: raise the drinking age or lose your federal highway funding. So, around 1985, Chapter 561.111 Minor in Possession of Alcohol was created and the legal drinking age was raised from 18 to 21 years of age. Note that the law does not prohibit consuming alcohol, mere possession is illegal. Worse, the law is rigged so that a person sitting next to a cooler of beer can be charged with MIP under the doctrine of “constructive possession”. The… Read More

New Innovations In Drunk Driving Prevention Can Help Fort Walton Beach Residents

Recent studies and inventions have shown that drunk driving and DUI arrests can be reduced by encouraging drivers to implement certain steps or attitudes. Uber Mothers Against Drunk Driving, a non-profit advocacy group formed by mothers whose children were killed in alcohol-fueled crashes, has partnered with Uber, the ridesharing phone application, in combating the prevalence of drunk drivers on the road. The two organizations conducted a survey and study and found that the introduction of Uber into a market decreased alcohol-related accidents by 6.5%. This has also led to a 10% decrease in DUIs in some states. Since the advent… Read More

What Happens When A Domestic Violence Victim Does Not Appear?

Every day in traffic courtrooms across the country, a significant number of motorists choose to miss work and other obligations to appear in court and contest a traffic citation they received. These motorists are usually not savvy attorneys – in fact, many of them are not even represented by an attorney. Instead, they appear hoping that the officer that wrote them their ticket will not appear and their ticket will be dismissed. Without the crucial evidence of the officer’s testimony available to the prosecutor, he or she is unable to prove the motorist’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt and thus… Read More