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Criminal prosecution in Columbia County is a lot like it is anywhere else throughout the nation. It’s certainly not going to be an ideal experience for the defendant, and proper legal representation is necessary. This is no truer than when the charges you’re facing are for sexual battery. This is a difficult charge to understand because it has such a nuanced definition with a lot of different factors that come into play. A Columbia County sexual battery attorney is a necessity if you find yourself in that situation.

Sexual Battery In Florida

In the state of Florida, sexual battery essentially refers to any sexual conduct with a person who did consent to that conduct. It can also refer to the act of engaging in sexual conduct with a person under the age of 18 whether or not consent was given. Sexual assault and/or rape are also common synonyms for sexual battery. The penalty for sexual battery in Columbia County can be severe for some individuals. Sex offender registration and prison time are very real possibilities with very far-reaching implications for your life.

Obviously registering as a sex offender is a designation that will never leave you, and it affects you in a number of different ways. You will have to notify any neighborhood of your presence, your career opportunities may be impinged, and every relationship you might have will instantly be strained. Prison time can also have a large effect on your life as some cases call for the harsh penalty of life imprisonment. Clearly, having a defense lawyer for sexual assault in Columbia County should be high in your priority list.

The course of the trial and the potential penalties can be worsened if certain factors are present at the time of the trial. For instance, if the suspect drugs, threatens, uses a weapon, or otherwise prohibits the victim from resisting, the penalty for sexual battery in Columbia County can be harsher. Whether the victim was handicapped, the relationship of the victim to the suspect, the victim’s age, and even the suspect’s criminal history can also have a hand in sentencing.

Why Consulting A Sexual Battery Attorney Is In Your Best Interest?

Although it might seem smarter or less expensive to opt for free representation from yourself or a public defender, you have to take into account the long-term implications. Unlike a defense lawyer for sexual assault in Columbia County, you won’t be able to provide yourself with extensive knowledge and a background in criminal law (in most cases). Likewise, a public defender won’t be able to give you the attention that you deserve, leaving you open for harsher penalties.

Stephen G. Cobb of the Cobb Criminal Defense Law Firm understands that you are likely concerned. He also has a lengthy background in criminal law that spans several decades. The law firm has taken on over 10,000 cases and they can certainly provide you with a qualified Columbia County sexual battery attorney. Something like this really shouldn’t be left up to chance, if only because the implications are so severe. If you need a consultation with a qualified legal representative, then don’t hesitate to contact the Cobb Law Firm today.

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