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Court Martial Appeal Process

Seeking Justice for Military Personnel’s Wrongly Sentenced

In an instance where you have been condemned by court martial, you certainly keep the right to appeal the conviction. Also, you reserve the right to appeal the condemnation following the proceedings that proved you guilty. In any case, you usually have only one chance to change the outcome of your case, which involve two principal of success. The first one is acting hastily, soon after you have been sentenced. The second one is to get a qualified and skilful nationwide military criminal defence lawyer to help your appeal. Whether your sentence is a of a DUI nature, drug offense, assault, fraud, sex offense, weapon trafficking or another Article 134 crime, we are here to help you reverse the decision already made against you.

The Military Appeals Process

A military appeal is less constrained unlike an analogous civilian appeal. All the evidences leading to the sentence as well as any possible errors in the military proceedings will be analysed and reviewed.

What helps an attorney -working with a firm- to use this appeal process for his defendants advantage stems out of his devotion to investigation, homework and his convincing presentation. Hiring a court-appointed lawyer might get your case in the hands of an unskilful and unexperienced person. Such lack of skills of investigation, hence right information can drastically change the consequences of proceeding and that too against you.

Your future, liberty, good name and credit are at risk if you choose an unskilful attorney. So now is the time to contact a court martial appeal attorney of our firm to understand how we can help you wriggle out of your sentence or else have it reduced.

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