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Court Martial – General, Special & Summary

As per UCMJ the three kinds of Court Martials you might face are

  1. Summary court martial
  2. Special court martial (SPCM)
  3. General court martial (GCM)

All three of them require you to be proven guilty without doubt, just like it goes at a civilian court. Moreover, all three kinds must follow definite military procedures of evidence. What differs in these three types is what makes them up, their procedural route and the kind of punishments they could force upon you- if proven guilty.

In some instances, the best way to handle it could be negotiating the lenient most of all court Martials to reduce proceeding penalties. For other cases, the firm’s practise and recognised track record of wins can be used to get the best possible consequences, for the charges being faced.

If you are or might face court martial, you must quickly get in touch with a court martial lawyer to understand the best course to defend yourself against the charges.

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