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Florida is known across the country as an extremely popular spring break destination among college students and others individuals in that age group. Our miles of coastline, beautiful beaches, and extravagant resorts make Florida an attractive place to spend a week when most of the country is just starting to warm up. Also popular among college students is the consumption of alcohol, despite the fact that the majority of them are under the legal drinking age of 21. Law enforcement around the state is well aware this fact, and aggressively enforces Florida’s minor in possession (MIP) laws. In fact, a story published by last year indicated that nearly 1000 people had been arrested for various spring break-related violations by March 27 of 2014 on various Gulf Coast cities.

A Crestview MIP Conviction Can Have Serious Consequences

Many people who are on spring break may be under the mistaken impression that a MIP is simply a minor offense that can have no real legal consequences. In reality, people who are arrested and convicted of MIP can be subject to serious penalties that could have a significant effect on their future. Among the penalties that are authorized by Florida law include:

In addition to these penalties that can be imposed by the court, your school may also impose additional sanctions. In some cases, your financial aid could also be at risk. The presence of an MIP on your criminal record could affect your ability to get a job or to be accepted in graduate or professional school, as well.

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