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At some point in a meeting with your criminal attorney you should actually come clean and reveal how you were involved in the case at hand. While you should always be as honest with your defense attorney, there may be some debate about how serious the trouble you are facing really is. Most Destin, FL attorneys and lawyers are adept at finding the truth about the case, so you should be as open as possible right from the start. Florida DUI & criminal law have several different levels of involvement, each with different possible penalties. It is in your best interest to try to find a legal defense or some other factor that may lead to exoneration, or a more favorable plea agreement that will keep you from having to take more than your own fair share of these punishments.

A Destin criminal defense attorney will probably start by reconstructing the case from start to finish, so it will be important to include as many details as you can. Of course, if you were only involved after the crime itself was committed, you want to make that fact abundantly clear as well. This is why we require a written report over a four (4) day time period. Being involved after the fact can also carry serious criminal penalties, as serious as being in on the actual crime, unless it can be proven that you were an unwitting pawn or unfairly duped into providing assistance.

If you were coerced or threatened into doing so by the real perpetrators, that may be part of your defense. The Destin attorney that you have hired may try to refocus or shift blame from you (because of your minimal involvement) to those who were actually at fault. If the case goes to trial, the attorney can make it clear that you were not guilty of the crime and seek to establish the fact that the prosecution cannot bring the real criminals to justice. In most cases, those who have been accused of being accessories after the fact will find themselves in a better position to negotiate plea agreements if they agree to testify to what they know about the crime. However, always consult a lawyer before you enter into any such agreements: The prosecution has been to law school, trained to handle criminal cases, and if you try to handle such negotiations yourself, you place yourself at a serious disadvantage.

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