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Every year, approximately 4.5 million tourists head to the Emerald Coast in northwest Florida for spring break or summer vacation. According to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection1, an estimated 80 percent of those tourists head to the city of Destin. Many of Destin’s visitors are groups of college or even high school students seeking to let loose on vacation away from their parents. Spring break is especially notorious for teens drinking alcohol. However, a fun time on the beach can quickly go wrong if you are underage and are caught drinking by law enforcement officers. If you get arrested for underage drinking or minor in possession (MIP) in or around Destin, you should never delay in calling the Cobb Criminal Defense Law Firm for assistance as soon as possible.

Underage drinking laws in Florida

Florida law2 takes underage drinking very seriously and does not allow drinking or the possession of alcohol under the age of 21 even with parental permission. The only two exceptions to the underage drinking law are if you are 18 or older and possess or taste alcohol as part of your employment or educational course. In any other circumstances, it is against the law to do any of the following:

If law enforcement officers suspect you of any of the above violations, you may face serious second or first degree misdemeanor charges and your case could result in extensive fines, suspension of your driver’s license, or even jail time. Furthermore, having a criminal conviction can significantly affect your future educational and professional opportunities. For these reasons, underage drinking charges should never be taken lightly or ignored.

Contact an experienced Destin underage drinking lawyer for assistance

Fortunately, there are ways that an experienced criminal defense attorney can help you to avoid an underage drinking or MIP conviction in Destin. Stephen G. Cobb is a board certified Criminal Trial Law Specialist who has extensive experience handling underage drinking cases in and around Okaloosa County. Please do not hesitate to call for help at (850) 423-0035 today.


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