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One very serious type of criminal conviction is that of drug possession. Lawyers in Florida experienced in the criminal defense of clients charged with drug possession can be a strong ally for defendants charged with this type of crime. In Florida, drug possession lawyers experienced in defending clients in this area of law can certainly have a major impact in how the case and potential sentencing play out. Having a good criminal defense attorney on your side may well mean the difference between serious jail time and striking a mutually beneficial deal with the government.

It’s imperative that you don’t just rush into anything without a good lawyer on your side. If you hold off on pleading guilty to drug possession, a Florida lawyer skilled in criminal defense may be able to help you get your case dismissed (depending upon the facts in your case), or at the least potentially have serious penalties reduced. For instance, a drug possession lawyer in Florida can file a motion to suppress the evidence in your case if the police illegally pulled you over and searched you, or illegally searched your home.

Fortunately, some Florida counties are more focused on helping people with true drug addiction problems, rather than merely punishing them for addictions they often have no control over. Drug courts were created in 1989 when Judge Herbert Klein realized that a huge portion of the inmate population had been incarcerated due to drug charges. These inmates were simply passing through the criminal justice system again and again because of their underlying drug addictions. Now, drug possession lawyers in Florida can help their clients get the help they need at the same time they act in their clients’ best legal interests.

Unfortunately, not all non-violent drug offenders have access to the help provided by drug courts. The Florida Alcohol and Drug Abuse Association said in a 2001 position paper, “Despite having the second largest drug court system in the nation, Florida drug courts reach only a small fraction of non-violent drug-law offenders.” Drug possession lawyers in Florida are therefore critical for this type of defendant since they can often negotiate with the prosecution for alternatives to harsher sentences–such as participation in drug treatment programs or the like.

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