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Incurring a criminal charge of sexual battery is something that has massive legal implications for a lot of people. If it happens in Duval County, there’s a good chance that you’ll be facing a judge in Jacksonville. Having a Duval County sexual battery attorney is important for both the success of your trial and the good standing of your reputation. Having these charges levied against you is no laughing matter, and it’s something that can stick with you for the rest of your life.

Understanding Sexual Battery

For the most part, sexual battery is known as sexual assault or rape, and it is one of the most severe crimes that you can be charged with. It is a term that essentially describes non-consensual sexual contact between a suspect and a victim. In Florida, the definition also extends to any sexual contact between an adult and anyone under the age of 18 regardless of whether or not the contact was consensual. Understanding the intricacies of this often requires a defense lawyer for sexual assault in Duval County.

The penalty for sexual battery in Dixie County is often severe, but it varies from case to case. The severity of the penalty depends on a number of factors like weapon usage, the victim’s age, whether the victim was handicapped, and how the suspect and victim are related. The penalty can also be increased if the victim didn’t have any way to resist, if the victim was threatened or drugged, and if the suspect was a member of law enforcement.

Facing criminal prosecution for sexual battery in Duval County is something that you won’t want to deal with. Even so, it’s something that requires expert legal assistance to navigate through.

The Importance of a Sexual Assault Attorney in Duval County

One of the major reasons that you want to have a qualified Duval County sexual battery attorney on your side is that the judicial system is hard to navigate on your own. Trying to represent yourself is virtually impossible. Relying on a public defender is a dubious proposition considering that they are likely overworked and not committed 100% to your case. A sexual battery charge is something that will stick with you until the day you die because it frequently requires you to register as a sex offender. This is true even if you’re 18 and the victim was 17, and the sexual contact was fully consensual. A defense lawyer for sexual assault in Duval County can help you work around these technical issues.

In terms of jail time, a charge of sexual battery can produce prison stays that last your entire life. Of course, it really depends on any of the factors outlined above. If the victim was under the age of 16, then the penalty for sexual battery in Dixie County is generally between 5 years and life. You also stand a chance of getting a more severe sentence if you are a repeat offender who has been released from prison within the last five years.

Certainly, trying to get through this process on your own is something that could end up hurting you severely in the long run. Stephen G. Cobb founded the Cobb Criminal Defense Law Firm of Florida in 1990 as a way to help the state’s residents get adequate representation. He has been working specifically in the field of criminal defense and has covered over 10,000 individual cases. He has an intrinsic understanding of Florida law (including as it relates to sexual battery) and is more than qualified to represent you in any criminal court proceedings.

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