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Escambia County is the largest county in the First Judicial Circuit, in terms of population with almost 300,000 people and Pensacola is the head County for the Florida Criminal Justice system: The Chief Judge of the First Judicial Circuit and the elected offices heads of the Office of the State Attorney and Public Defender are based in the M. C. Blanchard Building in downtown Pensacola.

The westernmost county in Florida, Escambia is one of the first two counties in the state

The large number of County (misdemeanor) and Circuit (felony) court divisions makes it very important that your DUI & criminal defense lawyer know which division your case has been filed in, and also which judge will be hearing the case. Although Florida has one set of Rules of Procedure for felony and misdemeanor (criminal) cases, each of the five (5) county court judges and each of the circuit court judges are different with regard to how they view everything from criminal traffic cases to sexual offenses.

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The main cities and other municipalities are:

Century Ensley Myrtle Grove
Pensacola Ferry Pass Pensacola Beach
Barrineau Park Gonzalez Perdido Key
Bellview Goulding Walnut Hill
Beulah Innerarity Point Warrington
Brent McDavid West Pensacola
Cantonment Molino

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