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The Five Deadly Mistakes, when someone you love has been arrested and is an inmate in the Escambia County Jail:

1) Trying to “save money” by handling it by yourself: The State Attorney knows how to manipulate the system against you and your loved one. Without you even knowing it.

2) Trying to hide assets and income on a Public Defender Affidavit: The State of Florida will soon begin to crack down on this, especially people living “rent free” with parents, friends and loved ones.

3) Confusing cheap fees with great legal service: Cheap, low fee, “payment plans for every budget” lawyers often have cases coming out of their ears. Many have a higher caseload than the Public Defender – they do not have the time your case needs.

4) Thinking that all lawyers are equally skilled: There is a big difference between a Florida Bar Certified Expert in Criminal Trial Law who practices criminal law exclusively, and a lawyer who occasionally practices criminal law as a practice sideline.

5) Underestimating the seriousness of Florida criminal cases: First offenders can go to jail or prison. Misdemeanors start with a 60 day maximum sentence. The Internet is not a lawyer.

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The Escambia County Jail is also known as the Escambia County Department of Corrections. Like most Florida jails, the jail in Pensacola is normally filled over the actual custodial capacity. Here is what the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office has to say about the jail:

“The Detention Division is the single largest component of the Sheriff’s Office employing over 300 deputies and 150 civilians who are responsible for the care, custody and control of over 1,600 inmates. These inmates are housed in the main jail on “L” Street and in the Central Booking & Detention facility on Leonard Street.

The vast majority of these inmates are awaiting trial on charges ranging from probation violation to murder.

Annually Detention books into and releases from jail over 24,000 people.” Emphasis added.

The Escambia County detention facility is used for several purposes: 

The jail has specific policies concerning inmate visitation, phone calls, and other matters relating to defendants and inmates being held there. .

 For the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions), click Escambia County Jail Frequently Asked Questions or call 850-651-6565. Here is a real gem from the FAQ:

Inmates will receive daily meals, uniforms and linens regardless of their ability to pay. Subsistence fees will be charged to the inmate’s money account. If he/she has money in his/her money account, the fees will be deducted from the balance. If the inmate does not have any money in his/her account at the time the fees are charged, a lien will be placed against the inmate’s account for the amount due. The fees will be collected as money is deposited into his/her account. A lien may also be placed against any of the inmate’s personal property as well.

This means that people coming out of the jail often find money and personal property missing.

The jail facilities are located in Pensacola, Florida, off of Fairfield Drive. There are two locations right near each other.

NOTE: This facility has an inmate lookup that can be accessed via the hyperlinks above. This jail is run by the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office.

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