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Florida federal criminal lawyers represent clients accused of a wide array of crimes. One such area relates largely to crimes involving financial matters and is often called “white collar crime.” Penalties for white collar crimes tend to be much less severe than violent crimes and can include fines, prison sentences, and/or criminal forfeiture of property or assets. While white collar crimes may be considered less serious than violent crimes, they can still put a person’s professional integrity at stage, which makes it crucial to contact a Florida federal criminal lawyer if you’ve been accused of this kind of crime.

One major subcategory of white collar crime that Florida federal criminal lawyers practice is cybercrime, the term given to most crimes having to do with computers and similar technology. A May 2001 report published by the U.S. Department of Justice stated that the U.S. leads the world in use of the Internet for commerce and communication purposes, as well as electronic commerce spending. Unfortunately, along with that valuable expansion of legitimate Internet use, the U.S. is undergoing a rising tide of fraud perpetrated via the World Wide Web. Several types of cybercrimes are described below.

Computer Crimes:

Computers can be used to conduct crime in a variety of ways. Cyber thieves manipulate computer software programs and online capabilities to perpetrate various fraudulent activities like computer scams enabling them access to consumer financial information. Some even hack into computer operating systems, programs, email, or computer networks, stealing the identities and credit information of individuals. If you’ve been accused of this kind of cybercrime, it’s a good time to contact a Florida federal criminal lawyer.


Cyberstalking occurs when one individual harasses another individual via electronic mail, chat rooms, newsgroups, mail exploders, and/or the World Wide Web. Some cyber stalkers use their computer skills to obtain personal information about their victims, like home addresses and phone numbers, and then cyberstalking turns into real-life stalking. Individuals using the World Wide Web should never volunteer their personal information to strangers on the Internet. Those accused of cyberstalking may want to consider consulting with a Florida federal criminal lawyer to discuss their legal options.

Internet Crimes:

The Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) stated that it received a staggering 5,273 fraud-related complaints during its first six months of operation in 2000. As Florida federal criminal lawyers can attest, Internet fraud is defined as any type of scheme or activity that utilizes the World Wide Web to fraudulently solicit prospective victims, to conduct fraudulent transactions, or to transmit the proceeds gained by fraud to financial institutions, other organizations, or individuals connected to the scheme.

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