Stephen G. Cobb - Florida Criminal Defense Lawyer

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If facing criminal charges in Florida, you want the best Florida criminal defense attorney available. Stephen G. Cobb exclusively practices criminal defense, is a certified criminal trial law specialist and a world leader in Advanced Sentencing Strategy. Stephen Cobb has focused solely on criminal defense since 1990 and, in 2002, was certified as a Criminal Trial Law Specialist by the Florida Bar Association. The Florida Bar Association considers such certification to be the highest level of recognition for attorneys. In addition to receiving certification as a specialist in criminal defense, the results of cases handled by Stephen G. Cobb speak for themselves.

Mr. Cobb has helped numerous clients minimize or even completely eliminate the penalties they faced in criminal court and works to build a smart defense strategy in every single case. He will use his experience, credentials, skill and time to help you and your family to the very best of their ability. If you are looking for the highest quality of representation in your Florida criminal case, call the Florida criminal defense office of Stephen G. Cobb at (850) 423-0035.

From arrest through jury trial or plea bargain, depending on your needs. We protect your rights, prepare defenses, negotiate plea bargains, defend cases at trial or probation violation hearing, and focus on getting the best possible outcome for you.

Florida criminal law is strict. We effectively handle criminal defense cases across Florida, including the following charges and more: