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Florida Criminal Defense Attorney: Protecting Your Rights Before And During Trial

No matter what crime that you are being accused of, the first thing you need to keep in mind is that your criminal defense attorney is going to be your biggest ally. Your husband or wife may be able to bail you out, (depending on the charge, of course) but he or she will not be able to get the charges reduced or even dropped. That will depend on your lawyer. A Florida defense attorney is the first step to taking care of the legal mess that you find yourself in.

Whether you are a resident of the state or not, if you stand accused of a crime in Florida, you will need a Florida criminal defense attorney, one who has been licensed by the Florida state bar association to practice law here. You can easily find one in the phone book or on the internet by typing the words “Florida defense attorney” into your favorite search engine. Once you have found the names of several in the area, look to see if they actually specialize in the type of crime you are accused of, or if they are just practicing general law. (The more serious the crime, the more important specialization may become.)

A Florida defense attorney who is certified as an expert by the state bar association is a rare find, but may be well worth it, especially in the case of a more serious crime. The more serious the crime, the better the criminal defense attorney should be, right?  If you are accused of a simple burglary for instance, you might do well with a criminal defense attorney from practically anywhere in the state. However, if you are accused of a capital crime, one where the death penalty may be sought as a punishment if convicted, you should certainly find not just any attorney, but a Florida defense attorney who is deemed an expert by his peers.

Make sure that you are honest with your Florida criminal lawyer, whether you are guilty or not. You need to give him all of the facts so that he can provide your best defense. Criminal defense attorneys do not like surprises, especially from their clients, so make sure that you talk to him. If you do not know the answer to a question, say so, but explain why. (Passed out, blacked out, etc.) Do not hold back information that may possibly come to light during a trial and catch your own Florida criminal defense attorney off guard. He is on your side, so work with him.

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