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We have all seen the ads on the television, in our newspapers and even on the back of most metropolitan phone directories: use this lawyer and get millions of dollars for your injury in a matter of a few quick weeks. In reality, it is not as simple as that and there might be many obstacles blocking your claim, not the least of which is the attorney for your opponent. When you are the injured party and are seeking compensation and damages, you are the plaintiff. The person who you are holding responsible for the accident and your injuries will be the defendant. Some cases may involve more than one plaintiff and/ or more than one defendant.

Under Florida injury law statutes, several things must be established to decide whether the case has merit or not. These include:

Because the law can be very confusing, it is really in your best interest to contact an attorney who is experienced inFlorida injury law to not only assess the case, but to advise you on whether it is in your best interest to sue, settle or seek criminal charges in criminal court for the actions that led to your injury.

A Florida injury law hearing can include mention of full and reasonable value, which could mean many things. For instance, if you were a hockey player and a broken leg kept you from playing the game, would it have value? As a recreational hobby, then it entertains you of course, and keeps you fit, but it would have no real value to it. Of course, you could argue that since you paid for a full season of play and did not get to finish out that season you should be compensated. If you were a pro and lost your livelihood though, the story would be very different.

Being injured costs money not only for the medical and recovery costs but for the time spent off of work, the time you have to drive to follow up doctor visits and so on. Having a good attorney can get you the right settlement without having to go to court.

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