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Florida Legal Advice: When You Are Not Sure If You Have A Case Or Not

Your neighbor might be intentionally destroying your prize winning begonias and you would like to sue him. First though, you would like to know if you have a case, if it is winnable and of course, what it would actually take to get this to trial. You need to consult with a Florida attorney because watching the judge shows on television is no longer answering your questions.

While most lawyers do have free initial consultations, they have many restrictions and may not actually answer the questions that you have. Maybe you are concerned that you may present your case to an attorney and then be pressured into pursuing, even when it is not in your best interest. What you need is some legal advice before you take the next step.

Florida legal advice can be found through several sources: on the phone, online and in person. You simply have to know where to go to look for it. No matter what your questions might be, you should be able to get good, solid advice without having to pay a billable hour fee to an attorney.

Florida legal advice: On the Phone

Free legal advice on a variety of topics can be found at Florida Call-A-Law, a service which is not only backed but partially funded by the American Bar Association. Although not a toll free call, the advice is. You call the number, chose the option that most closely describes your question and then listen to the recorded advice.

Florida legal Advice: Online

The same concept is available online without the phone charges. There are several websites where you can browse directories, read posted articles or post questions in forums for discussion. A word of caution here: because you do not know exactly who you are talking to and have no way of knowing who will be reading your post, steer clear of posting any inflammatory comments or giving out specifics of your case. (You do not want to tip off the begonia killer.) Take the advice for what it is worth and do not assume that you spoke to an actual attorney at this point.

In Person

Finally, you could speak to a Florida legal aid attorney about your case. Although they are too busy to take on cases of this nature, they may be able to give you tips for finding an attorney that could or could suggest other ways of resolving the issue.

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