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In Spring Hill, Florida, criminal defense attorneys represent clients across a broad spectrum of criminal offenses, ranging from misdemeanors to felonies.  Crimes relating to the use and sales of drugs have become a huge problem across the nation, and criminal defense attorneys, in Spring Hill and Florida at large, stand ready to defend clients accused of this type of offense.

Drug charges in Florida run from the less severe, like possession of a small amount of drugs, to the much more severe, like drug trafficking, participation in a drug-related criminal enterprise, or manufacturing and distributing drugs (which actually does occur in Spring Hill).  Florida criminal defense attorneys have the knowledge and expertise to guide clients through the complicated world of criminal procedure.

Individuals charged with drug-related crimes can be prosecuted either under the federal or Florida state criminal system, depending upon which laws were broken and the specific procedures of the particular court system, based upon the geographic area involved, like Spring Hill, Florida.  Criminal defense attorneys know that federal and state prosecutors often cooperate, dividing up the charges according to their availability of resources as well as which statute aligns most closely to the criminal offenses at hand.

Drug offenses carry severe penalties in the state of Florida, especially when prosecuted under the federal law.  The higher the level of offense, the harsher the punishment will be.  Many Spring Hill, Florida criminal defense attorneys have the knowledge and experience to negotiate for reduced sentences, especially for clients being charged with a first-time offense.  It can be absolutely critical to have such a criminal defense attorney on your side should you be charged with such a crime in the Spring Hill, Florida area.

Some people may be unsure whether or not they should hire a criminal defense attorney.  The Spring Hill, Florida police may legitimately search persons and seize property–with or without a search warrant–should they have probable cause to justify their actions.  However, defendants may not have the legal expertise to know whether proper probable cause existed in their specific cases.  This is one of the many examples of when a criminal defense attorney can prove invaluable, well worth the cost of hiring him or her.

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