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Florida Legal Article: Florida Drug Trafficking Defense Lawyer

Florida law defines drug trafficking as: Any person who knowingly sells, purchases, manufactures, delivers, or brings into this state, or who is knowingly in actual or constructive possession of (a controlled substance). These offenses are felonies in nature, and they carry significant prison terms as a result. Florida drug trafficking defense lawyers stand ready to help clients charged with this type of offense.

Drug smuggling is defined as: The act of transporting any controlled substance into Florida illegally with the intent to either distribute or possess said controlled substance. Since this type of offense often involves crossing state lines, drug smuggling often falls under federal law and thus, serious federal sentencing guidelines apply. A good Florida drug trafficking defense lawyer can be invaluable for those charged with drug smuggling.

Few crimes are as serious in Florida as drug trafficking. Defense lawyers experienced in defending clients accused of drug trafficking are critical, since penalties are severe and typically carry minimum mandatory sentences that judges cannot change at their own discretion. A good Florida drug trafficking defense lawyer can potentially help you avoid conviction or reduce the charges so you don’t face penalties as serious as life in prison.

Florida drug trafficking defense lawyers utilize a variety of strategies when defending their clients. One of the most important issues in defending drug trafficking cases is that of the Constitution. Did law enforcement officials at all levels–local, state, and federal–follow the requirements protecting your constitutional rights? They’re going to ask questions like:

It’s an unfortunate fact that Florida has a major drug trafficking problem. Because of the drug offenses and associated criminal activity that go along with this, the Florida legislature and courts have implemented laws and penalties for drug offenses intended to curtail some of this crime. As a result, it’s a particularly good idea to hire one of the many fine Florida drug trafficking defense lawyers to represent you if you’ve been charged with drug trafficking or other drug offenses.

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