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One very serious type of criminal conviction is that of drug possession.  Pensacola lawyers experienced in defending clients accused of drug possession have the expertise and knowledge to effectively represent individuals accused of drug-related crimes.  Having a good criminal defense lawyer from Pensacola on your side can go a long way toward leading to your exoneration, or at the least, striking a less severe bargain with the government.

Pensacola lawyers skilled in representing clients charged with drug possession may even be able to get your case dismissed if the facts of your case warrant it.  If that’s not possible, your defense attorney can possibly file a motion to suppress the evidence in your case if you feel the police illegally stopped you and searched your car, or illegally searched your home.  The important thing to remember once you’ve been arrested and accused of a crime is not to rush into anything until you first consult with a Pensacola lawyer who can make sure your rights are protected.

As drug addiction becomes a more serious problem across the nation, some Florida counties are focusing their efforts on helping people with addiction problems rather than simply punishing them.  Too often inmates convicted of drug-related offenses simply cycle through the system over and over again because their underlying drug addictions aren’t addressed.  Nowadays, however, Pensacola lawyers can help their clients get assistance for their drug problems while helping their clients in a legal capacity at the same time.

Unfortunately, though, not all counties provide assistance for non-violent drug offenders through drug courts.  The Florida Alcohol and Drug Abuse Association said in a 2001 position paper, “Despite having the second largest drug court system in the nation, Florida drug courts reach only a small fraction of non-violent drug-law offenders.”  Pensacola lawyers can provide critical legal counsel to this kind of defendant, often negotiating with the prosecution for less severe sentences that include participation in drug treatment programs.  This type of arrangement can be a win-win situation for both the prosecution and the defense.  Hopefully, the defendant will get much-needed help and stop the cycle of drug-related crimes.

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