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Lawyers in Pensacola, FL represent clients who have been charged with criminal offenses that can usually be divided into two classes:  misdemeanors and felonies.  These criminal defense attorneys act to protect their clients at every step of the criminal justice system.  Pensacola, FL lawyers can be hired on a private basis or appointed by a judge for those defendants who cannot afford to hire their own.  Those attorneys appointed to serve as defense attorneys by judges are also called public defenders.

Misdemeanor crimes are generally less serious in nature than felonies and carry less severe penalties as well.  County courts serve as courts of jurisdiction for most misdemeanor cases.  Alternatively, circuit courts have jurisdiction over all felony cases and misdemeanors that arise out of the same set of facts surrounding a felony that has also been charged.  Defendants who find themselves accused of committing felonies should definitely consult with one or several defense lawyers.  Pensacola, FL prosecutors have the government’s best interests at heart, so it’s important for defendants to have someone fully committed to protect their rights.

In order for a prosecutor to convict a Pensacola, FL lawyer’s client of a crime, they must prove the defendant guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.  Every person accused of a crime is presumed innocent until proven guilty at trial.  That burden of proof rests with the prosecuting attorney rather than the criminal lawyer representing the defendant.  Potential defenses range from “I didn’t do it” to “I did it, but didn’t know right from wrong when I did it.”

As criminal defense lawyers in Pensacola, FL can attest, it’s imperative that criminal defendants understand their legal rights in regards to the crimes they have been accused of committing.  By contacting a Pensacola, FL lawyer as soon as possible, defendants can better ensure none of their rights are trampled upon by overzealous prosecution.    Defense attorneys are skilled in navigating the complexities of the criminal justice system and can best advise defendants on how the law relates to the specific facts of their case.

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