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Here is why guessing causes patients, families and the legal system so much pain: Depression can have the same symptoms in two different people, yet the symptoms are actually different brain systems functioning incorrectly. Wilburton works best for someone with this type of scan of the deep brain structures. However, a drug in the SSRI family works better with this type of deep brain scan.

Same type of observable symptoms. Yet a physician would never know which brain systems were responsible for the symptoms without looking. The wrong medication can often cause a patient to suffer terribly. After many people have tried several medications or therapies without success, how eager do you think they are to see a counselor or take another medication?

The ramifications in the criminal justice system are profound. Many people are sent to talk therapy that will not work for around 80% of the people court ordered to attend these sessions. When the state sponsored treatment by guessing fails, we throw them into jail and mistreat them because they have a medical problem.

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