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Florida criminal lawyer Stephen G. Cobb attended the prestigious Brain SPECT Imaging Continuing Medical Education Seminar conducted by Dr. Daniel G. Amen, M D. in July of 2007. This week long advanced nuclear medicine imaging seminar was notable for several reasons:

Through the courtesy of Dr. Deniel G. Amen, Mr. Cobb was allowed to present legal educational information to the seminar participants. SPECT brain imaging is causing a revolution in our understanding of the human brain, and in our understanding of criminal law.

Through the courtesy and professionalism of Dr. Daniel G. Amen, M.D., you are not going to see what a living human brain looks like when secanned by utilizing SPECT technology. Dr. Amen’s Brain Imaging System is now a core part of ODT 2.0 All images are from Amen Clinics, Inc., who owns the world’s largest database of brain SPECT images.

Healthy Brain

This is what is known as surface scan of a healthy, young male brain. The four views are Inferior (bottom looking up), Right side, Left side and Superior (top looking down). The different colors represent relative temperature changes in the different areas of the brain.

Next, we will look at a deep brain scan for a healthy young woman.

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