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3aThis is why a Florida criminal lawyer should be deeply interested in the human brain: Here is a surface SPECT brain scan of someone who I would see in my office changed with a crime of violence- Domestic. Violence, Simple or Aggravated Battery, or even Armed Robbery. It could be a Road Rage Pensacola, a bar fight in Destin or a domestic out Milton:

This is an inferior view (looking from the bottom up). I am no medical doctor, but it is obvious that this brain looks nothing like the healthy brain on page 1 of this section, Spouses and other loved ones want to know if there is hope. Here is the same brain after a proper diagnosis and treatment:

If may not be perfect, it may require specific types of counseling, medication adjustments or other treatments, but even as lay people, we can tell that there is a dramatic improvement. A skilled professional 3bcould better explain.

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