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Law enforcement officers and prosecutors in Florida take forgery offenses seriously and often aggressively investigate and prosecute alleged crimes of forgery or uttering a forged instrument. Under Florida law, both of these offenses may be charged as third degree felonies, which means you could face a potential sentence of up to five years in prison and a fine up to $5,000 in addition to restitution. Any person charged with a forgery offense should contact an experienced criminal defense attorney at Florida Criminal Defense Legal Group, PLLC as soon as possible.

Commonly Forged Documents

Cases involving allegations of forgery usually involve one of the following types of documents:

  • Personal checks
  • Money orders
  • Travelers’ checks
  • Commercial checks
  • United States Treasury checks
  • State of Florida checks
  • Property titles
  • Stock certificates
  • Last wills and testaments
  • Credit card invoices

Forgery laws in Florida set out specific elements that must be met in order for a prosecutor to convict you. These elements include that you had the intent to defraud or injure another person when you knowingly created, altered, falsified, or counterfeited an important legal or financial document. The same applies when you present a document you knew was created, altered, falsified, or counterfeited with the intent to defraud or injure another person.

Because the elements of both knowledge and intent are necessary for a prosecutor to prove their case, common defenses to forgery charges include presenting evidence that you believed the document was authentic and true, as well as that you never intended to defraud or injure another person by forging or presenting the document.

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Even though forgery is a nonviolent crime, prosecutors still pursue serious sentences due to the potential for financial damage to alleged victims. For this reason, you should always have an attorney defending you who understands how to develop an aggressive defense strategy based on the facts of your individual case. Attorney Stephen G. Cobb at the Cobb Criminal Defense Law Firm is committed to limiting or eliminating the consequences you face for forgery charges in Florida, so please call us today at (850) 423-0035 for assistance today.

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