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A criminal defense attorney can serve as a guide, advocate, and adviser to those involved with the Fort Walton Beach criminal justice system. In the U.S. you have the right to an attorney and your defense attorney could be appointed to you by the courts for free or you have the option to pay for a private attorney. 

A small percentage of defendants represent themselves as “pro se” clients but most defendants are represented by public defenders appointed by the courts. No matter what charges you face, whether they be misdemeanor or felony charges, it’s important to secure an adept Fort Walton Beach criminal defense attorney as soon as you’re in need. 

What does a criminal defense attorney do?

Hiring the right criminal defense attorney could be the difference between maintaining your freedom, paying heavy fines, or serving jail time. Criminal defense attorneys will conduct an investigation into all the details of your case, research the facts associated with your case, and negotiate deals on their client’s behalf. 

Criminal Defense Attorney

Criminal Defense Attorneys Make Deals

Fort Walton Beach criminal defense attorneys make deals that could reduce the charges you’re facing, the length of your sentence, and negotiate your bail amount. Due to the overcrowding of prisons, especially during a nationwide pandemic, having a criminal defense attorney with expert experience making deals could prove beneficial. 

Criminal Defense Attorneys Offer Wise Counsel

Criminal defense lawyers can provide valuable insight into the possible ramifications of your case, be forthright about possible outcomes, and defend you at trial when a deal can’t be made. Criminal defense attorneys can also counsel those in the Fort Walton Beach community dealing with the consequences of the criminal justice system. 

Criminal Defense Attorneys Handle All the Details

Criminal Defense Attorneys can protect you by examining witnesses, formulating plea agreements, analyzing the merit of the prosecutor’s case, and use their experience to gather intel about potential outcomes based on the judges, prosecutors, and dynamics involved in your case. 

Criminal defense attorneys have had success overturning cases in the Fort Walton Beach area by reviewing the search and seizure procedures used in their client’s arrest, gathering evidence, and getting accurate accounts from witnesses. Criminal defense lawyers can help their clients understand the immigration implications and other outgrowths from the details involved in their case.  

Best Criminal Defense Attorney in Fort Walton Beach

The best criminal defense attorney will have experience winning, be personable, and focused on what’s in their client’s best interest. The best criminal defense attorney will also be able to accomplish the following objectives for their clients: 

  • Expose weaknesses in the prosecution’s case
  • Questioning the officers involved in your arrest
  • Dispute the results of your analysis and scientific evidence
  • Develop a defense based on the intricacies of your case and the witnesses involved
  • Obtain diversions or getting records expunged when necessary
  • Evaluate the facts and evidence in your case

Criminal Defense Practice Areas

Criminal defense lawyers represent all types of clients accused of breaking local, state, and federal laws. Fort Walton Beach criminal defense lawyers have experience with juvenile offenders and those visiting from another state or country as well. Criminal defense lawyers have found success in the following types of cases: 

  • Arrested ManArrest warrants
  • Assault
  • Battery
  • Burglary and theft
  • Domestic violence
  • Drug offenses
  • Felony traffic offenses like hit and run, fleeing and eluding, DUI injuries, and DUI manslaughter. 
  • Florida record expungement, sealing, statutes, and criminal processing
  • Military arrests
  • Operating a vehicle or boat under the influence
  • Probation violations
  • Sex crimes

Criminal defense attorneys defend clients with misdemeanor and felony charges usually. An expert defense attorney will be able to get felony charges, with the possibility of being reduced to misdemeanors, reduced, and possibly expunged in the future. 

Criminal Defense Attorney Cost

Criminal defense attorneys aren’t allowed to work on the contingency of a positive outcome like civil lawyers therefore they’ll normally charge a routine fee or work at an hourly rate. Each Fort Walton Beach criminal defense attorney is different but it’s important to find an experienced attorney, that matches your financial status. 

According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, 82% of felony defendants used court-appointed lawyers but these attorneys are overworked, bombarded with cases, and may not give your delicate case the due diligence it deserves. Court-appointed attorneys are designated and if electing an attorney with experience dealing with cases like yours is important to you, then it’s in your best interest to consult a knowledgable Fort Walton Beach criminal defense lawyer right away. 

What To Look For in a Fort Walton Beach Criminal Defense Attorney

You want to work with a criminal defense lawyer will all of the necessary skills, expertise dealing with cases similar to yours, and who are committed to your case. Fort Walton Beach criminal defense attorneys can also provide valuable locally specific insights. 

Knowledge of the Fort Walton Beach Court System

District attorneys, judges, and courthouses differ in how they handle court proceedings. A Fort Walton Beach attorney will have a local advantage when it comes to defending your case. Their valuable experience dealing with local judges and understanding of Fort Walton Beach courtroom procedures may prove useful in defending your case. 

How To Find The Right Criminal Defense Attorney

Ideally, you want to find a lawyer with experience dealing with cases like yours because it can be an invaluable asset. If you’re unsure whether or not your potential criminal defense attorney has the skills necessary to succeed in your case, then ask them some of the following questions before hiring them for the job:

  • What percentage of your cases appear in the court that my case is assigned to?
  • Have you represented people with similar charges as mine?
  • What percentage of your cases involve representing people with cases like mine?
  • Are you certified as a specialist in the practice area of my case?

It’s also super important for clients to feel comfortable with their criminal defense attorney because this person will lead the charge in the fight for your case. Your lawyer has to make you a partner in your criminal defense process. You’ll want to find a defense attorney that can exude the following abilities:

  • Show genuine concern for your case and a desire to be useful
  • Seems trustworthy and can communicate effectively
  • Explains the intricate details of a case in a way that’s simple to understand
  • Expresses attention for your overall well-being
  • Actively listens and communicates openly and honestly
  • Has a keen eye for the details in your case

When Do I Need A Criminal Defense Attorney

If you are being investigated for your alleged involvement in a crime, then a criminal defense attorney could help protect your rights. If the police come to question you, then you have the right to remain silent and expert lawyers advise that you use that right until they are present. 

Criminal defense attorneys can advise their clients on what statements to make to the police so they don’t incriminate themselves. Once police know that you’re represented by a lawyer they can no longer question you without your lawyer present. Police officers can be very manipulative and it will be the job of your Fort Walton Beach criminal defense attorney to protect you from them and others in the criminal justice system. 

You’ll want to hire an attorney once you become aware of your charges or soon after you’ve been arrested. The earlier you hire a defense attorney in the process the better it is because some criminal defense attorneys have had success getting cases dismissed well before formal charges are made. Also, criminal defense attorneys can advocate for your rights and make sure that your investigation is being carried out ethically. 

How Criminal Defense Attorneys Fight Your Case

Each case requires a defense that combats prosecutors while providing valuable information to judges and jurors that acquits the accused. Consider the possible defenses that Fort Walton Beach attorneys could use in your case: 

Drug Charges

Drug charges can carry really large penalties and long prison sentences that’s why your criminal defense attorney has to have experience proving police officers used illegal search and seizure tactics, the drugs and paraphernalia belonged to someone else, demonstrate evidence is missing, or that you were coerced or forced into carrying the drugs. 

Assault and Battery Charges

If you’ve been charged with assault or battery, then your criminal defense attorney could be successful in demonstrating that you defended yourself because there was an imminent threat against your life, or you perceived that someone or something meant to harm you, you avoided provoking the other party, and you were unable to retreat from the situation. 

A criminal defense attorney also could defend your case by proving that you were acting in defense of your property. Reasonable force can be justified in court when criminal defense attorneys effectively demonstrate that their client’s property was in danger. 

If you’ve been arrested for a crime in the Fort Walton Beach area or Okaloosa County, FL, contact Stephen G. Cobb, B.C.S. He will construct a solid defense for your case. Call the Florida Criminal Defense Legal Group for assistance today.

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