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Protecting The Rights Of Individuals Accused Of Crimes In Fort Walton Beach

Each year, thousands of people head to Fort Walton Beach on the Emerald Coast of Florida to swim, fish, and enjoy the beach resort community. As of 2013, Fort Walton Beach was home to 20,597 individuals living in 8,460 households, according to the United States Census reports. Both residents and visitors are at risk for encounters with law enforcement officers and, unfortunately, for arrests on suspicion of a wide range of criminal offenses.

Florida law sets out strict penalties for criminal offenses and and anyone who has been charged with a crime faces a complex criminal case in the Okaloosa County courthouse in Crestview, Florida. It is imperative that you have the assistance of an experienced Fort Walton Beach criminal defense lawyer throughout every stage of your case, and you should not delay in calling the law firm of Stephen G. Cobb today. Mr. Cobb is an board certified criminal law specialist who will protect your rights in criminal court, so call today at 850-651-6565 for help.

Defending A Wide Variety Of Criminal Charges

Stephen G. Cobb knows how to successfully handle an array of criminal cases, including but not limited to the following:

·       Traffic violations·       DUI and BUI

·       Assault and battery

·       Child abuse

·       Domestic abuse

·       Probation violations

·       Drug possession and sales·       Fraud and forgery

·       Expungements

·       Robbery and theft crimes

·       Sex offenses

·       Homicides

Mr. Cobb handles cases from minor issues to serious violent crimes and will always work for the best possible outcome for every client.

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As a board certified criminal trial law expert, Stephen G. Cobb has extensive experience helping people defend against criminal charges in Fort Walton Beach and across the state of Florida. Mr. Cobb has received the highest recognition as an expert by the Florida Bar and has achieved favorable results in criminal cases for hundreds of individuals. If you have been arrested, call the law firm of Stephen G. Cobb at (850) 423-0035 today.

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