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The Glades County Courthouse in Moore Haven, Florida is rarely an inviting sight for those who have been charged with a crime. Although the county might not be the largest, its prosecutorial practices are still very much the same. If you are facing a charge of sexual battery in Glades County, then you need to understand your rights and what you’re in for. This is a very serious charge and combating it requires the services of a Glades County sexual battery attorney. It’s important to have that level of expertise on your side rather than opting for self-representation or a public defender.

Defining Sexual Assault Or Sexual Battery

Sexual battery has been referred to as sexual assault or rape and is generally defined as any sexual contact that is non-consensual. In Florida, this designation also extends to any sexual contact with a person who is under 18 years of age regardless of consent. There are a number of things that come into play when determining the penalty for sexual battery in Glades County, and age is certainly one of them. Other factors that affect sentencing include:

All of these things can have an impact on the type of penalties you receive, but they all underscore the necessity for a high-quality defense lawyer for sexual assault in Glades County. If you don’t have an intrinsic understanding of criminal law in Florida, then you’ll likely feel out of place without a professional to help you.

A Sexual Assault Attorney Is Vital

The reason that you’ll need a Glades County sexual battery attorney in most cases is that the criminal cases are not easy to get through. Attempting to represent yourself or relying on a public defender is something that can get you in some hot water. For starters, Florida law frequently requires that anyone charged with sexual battery must register as a sex offender. This is true even if the sexual contact in question was consensual and the suspect was 18 and the victim was 17. Of course, there are ways to fight that designation, but it requires a lot of expertise and an intrinsic understanding of court procedures and the criminal justice system.

A defense lawyer for sexual assault in Glades County is also important because the penalties can be increased for repeat offenders who have been released from prison within the last five years. In fact, in that instance, the prison time can amount to between 5 years and life. No one wants to spend an extended period of time in jail, and a qualified criminal defense attorney can keep you from facing that reality.

Stephen G. Cobb has been working in the state of Florida for over 20 years as a criminal defense lawyer and he understands that the penalty for sexual battery in Glades County can be harsh. He has seen over 10,000 different cases, some of which have dealt with sexual battery charges. If you find yourself in the courthouse in Moore Haven, it’s best to have experience and dedication on your side.

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