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Finding yourself in the Hardee County Courthouse standing before a judge can be a daunting experience. It’s even more daunting when you’re charged with something like sexual battery. Obviously, a competent Hardee County sexual battery attorney is a necessity for anyone in this situation, but it’s also a good idea to understand exactly what you’re up against. Combating these charges is something that is not going to be easy, which is why a professional is necessary in these situations.

The Meaning Of Sexual Battery

When we talk about sexual battery, we’re really referring to any sexual conduct or contact that is not consensual. That is to say, if there is one unwilling partner in the sexual conduct, then it constitutes sexual battery. Sexual battery can also be defined as any sexual contact with a person under 18 years of age regardless of whether it was consensual or not. A defense lawyer for sexual assault in Hardee County can certainly provide a buffer for anyone charged with this crime.

Still, certain aspects can and do affect the penalty incurred and the course of the trial in general. For instance, the age of the victim, their relationship to the suspect, whether weaponry was used, or if the victim was handicapped all play a role in how the case and sentencing play out. The penalty for sexual battery in Hardee County can become even harsher if any of these factors are present:

  • The suspect is a member of the law enforcement
  • Threats were used
  • The suspect restricted the victim’s ability to resist
  • The suspect used drugs to incapacitate the victim

The Importance of a Sexual Assault Lawyer in Hardee County

Many people might think they could take their chances in a court of law. But, self-representation and public defense are both options that leave a lot to be desired. Representing yourself is dangerous in that you could implicate yourself even more in the crime without realizing it. You also probably don’t have a firm grasp of Florida law like a qualified defense lawyer for sexual assault in Hardee County. Additionally, public defenders tend to be overwhelmed with cases, leaving them incapable of offering you adequate representation.

The penalty for sexual battery in Hardee County on its own should be enough to get those charged to opt for proper legal defense. In general, the penalties for sexual battery are prison time and registering as a sex offender. The length of the prison term is determined by any of the factors laid out above. If you recommit the crime within five years of being released from jail, then the prison term is generally longer and can be as much as life in prison. For those who actually make it out of prison, the label of sex offender is something that will stick with them forever. This is true even if the guilty party simply opted for a plea agreement.

Only a Hardee County sexual battery attorney can provide you with the representation you need in Jasper. Stephen G. Cobb has over 2 decades of experience working as a criminal defense lawyer in the state of Florida. He understands the law, criminal court procedures, and virtually everything associated with the criminal charge of sexual battery. If you have been charged with or are facing prosecution for sexual battery, contact the Cobb Criminal Defense Law Firm of Florida as soon as possible.

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