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Named for the Spanish explorer Hernando de Soto, Hernando County is located on the west edge of the Florida peninsula. It borders the Gulf of Mexico and is considered a part of the “Tampa Bay Area.” Over 170,000 people call the county home and it is one of the fastest growing counties in the nation. With the right mix of natural habitats and an urban atmosphere, Hernando County seems to be ideal for a number of individuals. Its county seat is located in Brooksville where any criminal court proceedings will take place. Those who have been charged with a crime and are facing prosecution in Brooksville will likely want a qualified Hernando County criminal defense lawyer.

Indeed, no one wants to face a judge alone, and it can be difficult to arm yourself with legal knowledge if you have already been arrested. Although many websites purport to offer high-quality legal assistance, there really is no replacement for the real thing. At the Cobb Criminal Defense Law Firm of Florida, you will be exposed to a Hernando County defense lawyer that understands what it takes to provide you with ideal legal representation. If you want proper legal consultation, then you should talk with one of the legal experts at the Cobb Law Firm and not consult a potentially spurious website.

Stephen G. Cobb founded the law firm and is a Hernando County criminal defense lawyer willing to help you. In his 20 years of experience, he has seen and represented almost every type of case. The law firm’s reach extends throughout all of Florida because Cobb and his associates are well-versed in all Florida laws. They understand what it takes to give their clients the best representation that the state of Florida has to offer, but they also understand that each client is different. They give a keen eye to the specifics of each situation and are capable of providing the individualized course of action that’s right for you.

Experience like this doesn’t grow on trees and it’s something that allows the Cobb Law Firm to provide expert legal advice and legal representation to all of its clients. A Hernando County defense lawyer needs to understand the intricacies of both state and local law to provide their clients with a wealth of knowledge. That is exactly what the Cobb Criminal Defense Law Firm of Florida can offer. They are also willing to take on a number of different criminal cases involving charges like:

If you have been arrested or are facing criminal prosecution, then it behooves you to have experience on your side.

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