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There is almost nothing worse than standing before a judge, facing criminal prosecution. This feeling can be multiplied when you’re on the hook for something like sexual battery. It’s a criminal charge that is little understood and one that has a lot of implications for everyone involved. If you don’t have proper legal representation, then you may feel like a fish out of water. If you’re standing before a judge in Bonifay, then you’ll want a high-quality Holmes County sexual battery attorney to be representing you. Without one, you will likely be subject to penalties that are much harsher than you might imagine.

Sexual Battery And Its Meaning

Sexual battery is perhaps more commonly known as sexual assault or rape, and it is generally defined as any sexual contact in which one or more people are unwilling participants. It can also refer to any sexual activity (consensual or not) between one person who is under 18 years of age and another person who is over 18 years of age. The penalty for sexual battery in Holmes County is influenced by a number of factors including:

  • The relationship of the victim and the suspect
  • The age of the victim
  • Whether a weapon was used
  • If the victim was handicapped
  • If the suspect threatened the victim
  • If the suspect drugged the victim
  • If the ability to resist was impeded in any way
  • If the suspect was a member of law enforcement

In fact, the last four on the list will actually produce harsher penalties for suspects if they occurred at the time of the offense. It is, of course, important to understand these things, but a defense lawyer for sexual assault in Holmes County is the only one who can help you work through all of these issues.

Why You Need A Sexual Battery Attorney

Relying on a public defender is often a hit or miss proposition. Although they work very hard, public defenders are often scrambling around with several cases under the belts. They won’t be able to give you the specialized attention you need and deserve. Likewise, representing yourself brings up some obvious limitations. If you really want to have success during the criminal court proceedings, a Holmes County sexual battery attorney is almost a necessity. This is especially true when you factor in the potential penalty for sexual battery in Holmes County. Indeed, there are three major penalties that you can occur, including:

  • Court fines, fees, or other restitution
  • Jail time
  • Sex offender registration.

Of these three, the most pernicious for your well-being are likely jail time and sex offender registration. Jail time can be increased depending on the circumstances surrounding the event (as laid out above). It can also be increased if you have committed sexual battery within five years of being released from prison for a similar crime. Registering as a sex offender is almost just as bad as jail time. It means that you will be denied access to employment, living spaces, and other arenas of life for as long as your record stays on file. This can happen even if an 18 year-old and 17 year-old engaged in sexual conduct consensually.

If you want to fight these charges, then a defense lawyer for sexual assault in Holmes County is necessary. Stephen G. Cobb created the Cobb Criminal Defense Law Firm of Florida in 1990 and has been representing client throughout the state since then. He has seen over 10,000 different criminal cases, which provides him with an unmatched experience in this particular arena. If you are facing prosecution or have been arrested for sexual battery in Holmes County, do not wait to contact the Cobb Law Firm as soon as possible.

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