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Lake County lawyers know that being convicted of drug offenses in Florida can have serious consequences.  The state of Florida views drug offenses in a particularly harsh light, since drug trafficking and other drug-related crimes have become such huge problems.  Having a good Lake County lawyer on your side could very well mean the difference between serving hard jail time and a much more favorable outcome in either negotiating with the prosecutor or during courtroom proceedings if your case proceeds to trial.

Drug possession is one such type of serious criminal conviction. Lake County lawyers who are experienced with representing criminal clients charged with this type of offense have the expertise to make sure their clients’ constitutional rights are protected.  If you find yourself charged with drug possession by the government, do not just rush into anything without consulting with one or more Lake County lawyers regarding the facts of your specific case.

Sometimes, criminal defense lawyers (in Lake County or elsewhere) can get their clients’ cases dismissed if the facts warrant that. At the least, they may well be able to get serious penalties reduced to less harsh punishments. As an example, Lake County lawyers can file a motion to suppress the evidence in a client’s case if the police improperly obtained it without a search warrant or other legal authority allowing them to search the client.

More Florida counties are beginning to recognize that drug addiction is a true, growing problem and are taking steps to help people beat their addictions rather than simply punishing them.  Punishment alone often simply leads to drug-addicted convicts who revolve in and out of the criminal justice system.  Drug courts were created in 1989 by Judge Herbert Klein when he realized that a vast majority of the Floridian inmate population were incarcerated because of drug-related offenses.  Now, Lake County lawyers can help their clients get the help they need in counties offering drug courts.

Unfortunately, not all counties offer drug courts to non-violent drug offenders.  The Florida Alcohol and Drug Abuse Association stated in a 2001 position paper, “Despite having the second largest drug court system in the nation, Florida drug courts reach only a small fraction of non-violent drug-law offenders.”  Lake County lawyers can be instrumental for defendants charged with drug possession because they can typically negotiate better deals with prosecutors in exchange for alternatives to harsh sentences, such as participation in drug treatment programs.

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