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  • The Florida Criminal Law Newsletter – The Florida Criminal Law Newsletter goes way back to when I was first certified as a specialist in criminal trial law by the Florida Bar Association. For many years, it was an offline publication – and occasionally, it still is. However, technology now enables publication to a wider audience in a very cost effective manner.
  • Florida Criminal Law – From the Florida Constitution to the Florida Evidence Code, this link has it all. Four of these links, are downloadable as PDF files.
  • Florida’s 20 Circuit Courts– There are twenty Circuit Courts in Florida. They act as trial courts and also as appellate courts for criminal and other cases in Florida’s sixty-seven (67) counties.
  • Florida Clerks of the Courts – The judicial system would not work without thousands of dedicated Deputy Clerks and the elected Clerks of Court. They are the keepers of the records, a very important part of legal system.
  • Business Links – business, travel, wood working and fun. We had to put our business friends somewhere; they deserve the recognition.
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