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If criminal prosecution for sexual battery in Martin County is in your future, then you’ll want to have a Martin County sexual battery attorney to step up to the plate for you. There are many implications both about the case itself and your future that will come into play. If you don’t have a keen understanding of the judicial process or of Florida law, then you may feel desperate to say the least.

Defining The Charge

Sexual battery is criminal charge levied against people who are suspected of engaging in any nonconsensual sexual activity with another person. It is more commonly known as rape or sexual assault. The penalty for sexual battery in Martin County varies from case to case. One of the major variables in any sexual battery case is the age of the victim. In fact, it’s still possible to be charged with sexual battery if you engaged in consensual sexual conduct with a person under the age of 18. Other variables include:

  • Whether the victim was handicapped
  • The victim’s relationship to the suspect
  • Whether a weapon was used

In the state of Florida, harsher penalties can be incurred if any of the following happened at the time of the offense:

  • The victim was drugged by the suspect
  • The suspect threatened the victim
  • The suspect restricted the victim’s ability to resist
  • The suspect was a member of a law enforcement agency

Ignorance of the severity of any of these variables is not a valid defense. Obviously, a defense lawyer for sexual assault in Martin County can help you get through these charges adeptly.

Why You Should Hire A Sexual Assault Attorney?

One of the major reasons to hire a professional Martin County sexual battery attorney is to avoid the other alternatives. High-quality legal representation is hard to come by, and representing yourself is likely not a good way to find it. Additionally, public defenders are often bogged down by other criminal cases and can’t devote their attention completely to your case.

When you factor in the entirety of the penalty for sexual battery in Martin County, you could be looking at a risky proposition. Prison time is, of course, always a possibility. It does depend on many of the variables listed above, but no one wants to stay in prison for too long. In fact, if certain factors are all in play, life in prison is not out of the question for some individuals.

In Florida, you may also be required to register as a sex offender if you are convicted, plead guilty, or enter into a plea deal. The designation as a sex offender will follow you around for the remainder of your life, even if you were 18 and you engaged in consensual sex with a person who was 17 at the time of the offense. Florida law is generally strict about this, but a qualified defense lawyer for sexual assault can certainly help you work through all of these situations.

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