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Miramar Beach is nearly five square miles of unincorporated community in Florida with a beautiful oceanfront and a small population of residents at 2,435 in the 2010 census. A completely separate entity from the city of Miramar in South Florida, Miramar Beach is located in the northwest Walton County. Though Miramar Beach is a relatively small, peaceful community, it is certainly not immune to criminal activity and police are always on watch for potential criminal offenders.

Individuals who are arrested and accused of a crime in Miramar Beach should always discuss their situation with an experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. You want to make sure that your lawyer has a thorough understanding of the criminal defense system in Walton County and or Florida criminal laws. Stephen G. Cobb is a highly skilled criminal defense lawyer who has been certified as a criminal trial specialist by the Florida Bar. Anyone facing criminal allegations should call his office at 850-651-6565 for help today.

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Many crimes that are commonly alleged in Miramar Beach include alcohol or drug-related offenses, theft, traffic violations, and similar offenses. However, people in Miramar Beach have faced more serious allegations of violent crimes or other serious felonies. No matter what type of charge you may face, you want to ensure that your attorney has experience with that particular type of case.

At the law firm of Stephen G. Cobb, we regularly and successfully handle the following types of cases and more:

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