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Sexual battery is a very serious charge with very serious implications. If you are facing criminal prosecution in Monroe County for sexual battery, then it’s important to understand what you’re dealing with. A Monroe County sexual battery attorney can provide you with the expert insight and professional legal representation required for these judicial proceedings.

Sexual Battery And What It Entails?

The state of Florida essentially has two basic definitions of sexual battery. One of those definitions involves engaging in sexual conduct with another person without their consent. The second definition is engaging in sexual conduct with another person under the age of 18 with or without their consent. A qualified defense lawyer for sexual assault in Monroe County can help you comprehend the basic crux of the criminal charge.

Sexual battery comes with a lot of attendant penalties for those convicted of it. The penalty for sexual battery in Monroe County is really dependent on a plethora of different factors including:

  • The victim’s age
  • Whether a weapon was used
  • The victim’s relationship to the suspect
  • Whether the victim was handicapped or not

Other factors that can produce harsher penalties for the suspect include:

  • Being in law enforcement
  • Using threats
  • Drugging the victim
  • Making it impossible for the victim to resist or get away

Obviously, it’s very important to have a keen understanding of your trial and what could actually happen. But, the actual penalty for sexual battery in Monroe County goes much deeper than this. The two most common penalties that suspects will incur are jail time and sex offender registration.

Jail time is some instances can be inevitable. It can take away valuable years from your life, and, without proper representation from a defense lawyer for sexual assault in Monroe County, you could be looking at an even more severe sentencing process. All of the factors listed above play a part in how much jail time one might receive. If you have been released from prison for a similar crime and, within five years, are convicted for sexual battery again, then you can face between 5 years and life in prison. Other prison sentences might fit in that range and others might be shorter.

The penalty that will stick with you the longest, however, is sex offender registration. Registered sex offenders must maintain that designation for their entire lives. If they are convicted, plead guilty, or enter into a plea agreement, they may be forced to register. You may even have to register if you were 18 and the victim was 17 at the time of the offense and the sexual conduct in question was entirely consensual.

Of course, you always have two other options instead of a qualified Monroe County sexual battery attorney. You can represent yourself or you can allow a court-appointed public defender to do it for you. Obviously, representing yourself doesn’t give you a lot in the way of expertise. But, public defenders also come with some baggage. In fact, they can have dozens of other simultaneous cases to work on, and you may only receive a fraction of their attention.

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