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Navarre Beach is a gorgeous ocean community on Santa Rosa Island in Santa Rosa County, Florida. There are many fun activities for families at Navarre Beach, including fishing, camping, visiting the zoo, and more. During the spring season, the island is also a popular destination for high school and college students seeking to have a good time during their spring break. Spring break is notorious for underage drinking and partying, and local law enforcement agencies have increased efforts in recent years to enforce Florida’s underage drinking and minor in possession (MIP) laws.1 While an MIP citation may not seem that serious to some spring breakers, you would be surprised by the effect such a violation can have on your life and future.

If you have received an MIP or other citation involving underage alcohol consumption, your first call should be to the Cobb Criminal Defense Law Firm. We have extensive experience handling underage drinking cases throughout Florida and always work to limit or even eliminate the penalties you may face.

Potential Consequences For Florida Underage Drinking Violations

Though students on spring break may just be trying to have a good time, lawmakers and police officers in Florida take underage drinking and possession of alcohol very seriously. The following are some of the potential penalties you may face for MIP or other charges related to underage drinking in Florida:

First offense Second or subsequent offenses
Charge 2nd degree misdemeanor 1st degree misdemeanor
Fines $500 maximum $1,000 maximum
Jail time 60 days maximum 12 months maximum
Driver’s license suspension 6 to 12 months Two years

In addition to the above penalties imposed by the courts, your status at your university or college may also be affected by a criminal conviction. You may also face challenges receiving financial aid, qualifying for graduate programs, or professional licenses in the future.

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