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This page is in three sections: The Florida Criminal Law Newsletter, Florida State Criminal Law Statutes, and the Florida Rules of Criminal Procedure. Simply scroll down until you reach the section you are looking for.


Florida Criminal Law Blog is now online! Just click the Florida Criminal Law Blog hyperlink for the latest issue. Here are some past issues prior to the online publication. You can download each of these newsletters as a PDF file and read them with the free Adobe Acrobat reader:

Florida State Criminal Laws And Rules Of Criminal Procedure

Here are some links to specific areas of Florida state Criminal Law. These links cover statutory sections and the Florida Rules of Criminal Procedure. No case law is provided, and the law of the case is a critical part of legal representation. These are not all of the criminal laws of Florida, but a listing of some of the most common ones.

Florida Rules Of Criminal Procedure

The entire listing of the Florida state criminal statutes is located on the “links” portion of the website.

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