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Crestview And Fort Walton Beach Courthouses

Created by an act of the legislature in 1915, Okaloosa County is unique within the First Judicial Circuit because it has two (2) courthouses. All of the other counties within the First Judicial Circuit (Escambia, Santa Rosa and Walton counties) have one (1) courthouse.

Each courthouse has both Circuit Court (Felony) and County Court (Misdemeanor) divisions. One courthouse is in Crestview, the other is in Fort Walton Beach, FL. The courthouse in Shalimar is now closed and no longer handling criminal cases. The Crestview courthouse will be closed for demolition and reconstruction on March 21, 2016 until some time in 2017 – please ask your legal team where court will be held.

Your Okaloosa County criminal defense attorney will need to know which courthouse, which Assistant State Attorney and especially which Circuit or County Court judge. Especially with the chaos caused by the demolition and reconstruction in Crestview. Remember, Okaloosa County is one of the most law and order counties in the entire state. The slogan “tough on crime” is taken to heart by the State Attorney’s Office (headed by a politically elected official).

The Best Okaloosa County Criminal Defense Attorneys are Criminal Law Specialists Certified by the Florida Bar.

In Okaloosa County cities or small towns, the location of the incident or arrest will determine which courthouse your case will be handled:

Your Okaloosa County criminal defense lawyer will need to be familiar with the local legal community, members of the State Attorney’s Office, the Judges, Deputy Clerks, law enforcement officers, procedures and policies – whether you are one of the almost 200,000 locals residents or an out of state tourist.

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