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Okaloosa County Department of Corrections

The Okaloosa County Jail is also known as the Okaloosa County Department of Corrections. Like most jails, the jail is normally filled over their custodial capacity. NOTE to Inmate Visitors: For inmate visitation, arrive at least 30 minutes early for any and all visitation.

Who is Held at the Okaloosa County Jail

A person may be held as an inmate for several reasons:

The Okaloosa County Jail will hold inmates who have been unable to make bond in Okaloosa County felony and misdemeanor cases.

The Okaloosa County Jail is used to incarcerate inmates sentenced in misdemeanor cases for up to one year.

The Okaloosa County Jail is used to incarcerate inmates sentenced in felony cases, but before the inmate is transported to state prison facilities.

An Okaloosa County Jail inmate may be awaiting transfer to Immigration and Naturalization facilities, federal facilities, inpatient mental health facilities or held for other purposes.

Jail Information

At the time of this entry, they do not yet have a website address – even as a part of the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office. However, the Archonix Public Safety Software has added several useful features for Internet based searches. The jail has specific policies concerning visitation, phone calls, and other matters relating to defendants and inmates being held there. For example, each inmate is assessed a fee – per day – for the cost of incarceration.

Additional costs include such items as pens and paper. For visitation, and any other matters concerning the jail or a jail inmate, call the Okaloosa County Jail at (850) 689-5690. The facility is located at 1200 E. James Lee Blvd. (Highway 90 E.) in Crestview, Florida.

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