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Okaloosa grand theft attorney Stephen G. Cobb can help guide you when you need it most. The last thing you want to do is go to court in Fort Walton Beach or court in Crestview unprepared. If you’re facing a criminal charge for grand theft, then it’s important to understand what goes into that.

Grand theft law is the same in every county in Florida. But Okaloosa County has its own requirements and basic concepts in regard to grand theft within the court system. Knowing the people, policies, and procedures locally makes a big difference when combined with technical expertise. That’s why having a certified Okaloosa grand theft attorney is likely in your best interest.

Certification makes a difference. Certification is the highest level of experience and qualifications in Florida criminal law. Only certified lawyers are specialists, and most criminal defense attorneys are not specialists. Stephen G. Cobb is the only Okaloosa County’s only criminal defense lawyer certified as a specialist in Florida criminal law. Certification is handled exclusively by the Florida Bar. Certification as criminal law specialist is difficult, and many lawyers with great “lawyer ratings” cannot even pass the test to become a criminal law specialist.

Okaloosa County Grand Theft Attorney Stephen G. Cobb: the county’s only criminal law specialist. Don’t waste your legal fee. A certified Okaloosa grand theft attorney can give you the best legal representation.

Some additional information about theft charges. Grand Theft Grand theft is distinguished from petty theft by the price of the item stolen. Property valued at over $300 is a charge of felony grand theft. Also, grand theft is a felony with different “degrees”. Grand theft charges range from third to first degree felonies.

The penalty for a grand theft charge in Okaloosa County may range from probation to prison. First Offenders have a lot of trouble getting qualified for diversion programs and are far better off with negotiated dismissals, where possible.

Generally, the degree of the felony is often determined by the value of the item or items claimed to have been stolen during the theft. For example, Third-degree: $300 – $20,000. Second-degree: $20,000 – $100,000. First-degree: Over $100,000.

Other factors such as the use of weapons, firearms, a vehicle, damage was caused during the course of the theft affect the intensity of prosecution. Some factors are things that are not in the Florida Criminal Statutes, but are definitely in the minds of circuit felony court judges.

Obviously, having a defense lawyer for a grand theft charge in Okaloosa County is important or you would not be reading this. You also have to take into account the penalty for grand theft in Okaloosa County. In the most severe cases (first-degree felony), it’s possible to get a 30-year jail sentence with a $10,000 fine on top of that. Less severe cases of grand theft can cost you between 5 and 20 years of your life with an equally large fine. In some cases, it’s even possible to be sacked with a first-degree charge even if you didn’t allegedly steal over $100,000 in property. If the court determines that you caused over $1,000 in property damage in the commission of the theft, then you may face first-degree charges. Of course, this underscores the need for a defense lawyer for grand theft in Okaloosa County. Stephen G. Cobb is a criminal defense lawyer from Florida who has been working in the state since 1990. He founded the Cobb Criminal Defense Law Firm in that year and, in the interim, he has seen over 10,000 unique cases, some of which have involved grand theft charges. If you want experience and knowledge on your team, then contact the Cobb Criminal Defense Law Firm immediately.

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